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Ben and Martha Pochert - 50th Anniversary - November 5, 1958 -

Marth and Ben PochertMr. and Mrs. Ben Pochert of Port Hope will be honored Sunday, Nov. 2nd on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Their children and families will hold open house at 3 o'clock at the family home.

The Pocherts have been life-long residents of Port Hope and were married Nov. 5th, 1908 at the St. John Lutheran church by the Sainted Rev. E. Berner where they are members.

Five children were born to the: Arthur of Detroit, Russel of Fraser, Mich., Lawrence and Leo of Port Hope, and Earl who was killed in the 2nd World War in Belgium January 3rd, 1945.  There are seven grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Terry Pochert and Joe Connolly visit The Court of Two Sisters Restaurant -

Visiting the Court of Two Sisters while in New OrleansOne of the most historic restaurants in the French Quarter is The Court of Two Sisters.  During a recent visit to New Orleans, Terry Pochert and Joe Connolly visited this famous restaurant.  Terry often visited the French Quarter when he was stationed in Bilixoi Mississippi during his military days.  So it was nice to know that the restaurant he visited then is still going strong.

Bill Bonds with Mina Schultz-Pochert -

Bill Bonds with Mina Schultz-PochertBill Bonds speaking at a conference of senior citizens in Macomb County on September 10, 1991.  While there, Bill met Mina Schultz-Pochert, mother of WXYZ Editing Supervisor, Terry Pochert.

Earl Pochert's Last Letters Before His Death at the Battle of the Bulge -

Earl Pochert - Port Hope, MichiganDuring a very complicated battle near the end of World War II, American forces advanced toward Germany in a very intense war called the Battle of the Bulge.  The lives lost were many and included my uncle, Earl Pochert.

In a letter written to his brother and sister-in-law (my parents), Earl wrote about the “hell” of war.

Earl Pochert died on January 3, 1945, (the actual date is a bit uncertain because of the nature of the deaths and the ability to identify the bodies).  The following letter was written on December 27, 1944.  This was just a few days before he died.

To my understanding, the letter took some time to arrive in the United States most likely well after the notification of his death to his parents (my grandparents) .  You can image the emotion of the readers.

The letter was talked about before my enlistment in the Air Force.  My parents stressed the importance of the pledge that I made when enlisting.  I'm sure this letter and the fact that myself and my brother, Kurt Pochert, who entered the Navy, made a big impact on their concern for their sons.

1875 Map of Gore and Rubicon Townships in the Thumb of Michigan -

Gore and Rubicon Townships in the State of Michigan - 1875 MapRelief map shown by hachures. Entered according to Act of Congress A.D. 1875 by F.W. Beer & Co. in the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington. Includes business directories, distance table. Insets of Sebewaing, Caseville, Port Hope, Verona, Rockfalls, Bayport, Huron Co., White Rock, Bad Axe, Grindstone City, Port Crescent, New River, Huron City, Port Austin, Sand Beach, Forest Bay, views of public, residential, and commercial properties. This is an inset of an entire pay of Huron County that was mounted in six segments which allowed the map to be folded.

Sgt. Terry Pochert - Korat RTAFB, Thailand -

Stationed at Korat RTAFB, Thailand, Terry Pochert worked the American Forces Radio and Television Service with the Air Force Thailand Network.  This picture is taken outside the Network and Local Station Buildings.  in the upper right corner is the trailer which housed the TV Projection and Control Equipment.

Annie Tootle Day at AFTN - 1970 - Terry Pochert - American Forces Radio and Television ServiceDespite the seriousness of the mission while in Thailand, there was a few moments of relaxation at AFTN (The Air Force Thailand Network) a division of the AFRTS (American Forces Radio and Television Service).  The group of playing combs (yes, combs) was celebrating a little tradition called Annie Tootle Day.

Schultz, Mina Belle (nee Pochert) -

Mina Belle Schultz

Terry Pochert while Working at the 1984 Olympics -

Terry Pochert at the 1984 Summer OlympicsA few great shots while working at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California.

The Claussen Gang Makes the News -

Snow Box RacingThe Snow Box Racing Team.

Dog Patch, Kentucky - Dog Patch, Londa, KentuckyA little tourist stop by the side of the road named for the fictional town in the Al Capp comic strip, Li'l Abner.  This photo was taken by Mina Belle Pochert on their travels to several of their vacations from Michigan to Florida.

Terry Pochert at Lackland Air Force Base, 1967 -

Terry Pochert - Lackland AFB, Texas - 1967

Amazing part of a person's life.  Within the first few weeks of basic training we took to doing all the things expected.  Of course we ask ourselves, what did we sign up for?  Shining shoes?  Isn't there a war going?

After the first few days of marching, cleaning, making beds, running obstacle courses and a never ending realm of calisthenics we found ourselves making steadfast friends, working together, helping each with team building exercises, etc.   It started all making sense.  These few weeks of basic training turned us into a team for our years in the military.  It also turned us into a team in our careers as we made our way through life.

And sad to say, many folks of our guys gave their lives during the Vietnam War era.  Now it became real serious.

Port Hope, Michigan - Filling the Silos at the Lawrence Pochert Farm -

Filling the SilosA little snapshot of farming in the 1960s near Port Hope, Michigan, at the Lawrence Pochert farm.  Yes, that's Lawrence Pochert leveling out the siliage on top of the silo while the neighbors are helping unload the truck while "earthbound".

Look at that Leg Room -

Mina Bell and Lawrence PochertTwenty-fifth Wedding Anniversary for Mina Bell and Lawrence Pochert.  On a trip from Michigan to California to celebrate.  Just image if we had that type of leg room today.

Lee Pochert Talks About Street Planning -

East China Township resident Lee Pochert preferred a physical boulevard, fearing that drivers would use a striped boulevard for passing cars trying to park or turn left. A key element of a road diet could be reverse angle parking instead of the current parallel parking arrangement downtown, which Struck said is the wave of the future. It is easier than parallel parking and involves one fewer step. It increases the driver’s field of vision when pulling out and thus reduces collisions.

When They Stopped Waiting - Article in The Arizona Republic - Terry Pochert and Joe Connolly

Shaun McKinnon and his print/video colleague, Patrick Shannahan, from the The Arizona Republic and tell the story of why we are fighting the ban on same sex marriage her in AZ and how it came together. The lawsuit is Connolly v Roche.

Ben and Martha Pochert - 1953 -

Ben and Martha PochertAt their home and farm in Port Hope, Michigan.

Hendrik's Video Spot -

Hendrik is the one jumping on the bed in the background.

George Takei with Joe Connolly and Terry Pochert - Joe Connolly, George Takei and Terry PochertMy hero growing up.  Of all the characters on Star Trek, the person I admired most was George Takei.

Pochert, Ernest Joseph -

Born: august 23, 1923; Died: March 11, 2014

Ernest J. Pochert, 90, passed away on Tuesday, March 11, 2014.  He was born in Milwaukee on August 23, 1923 to Ernst and Rose (nee Mor) Pochert and graduated from Custer High School.  After high school, he entered the Army Air Corps serving during WWII.  He then married Loretta (nee Beal) on February 23, 1946 and they raised their family in Milwaukee.  Ernest retired from Wisconsin Telephone Company as an engineer.

Alessandra reverts back to her maiden name of Meyer-Wテカlden - Alessandra's new life.

The William and Ottilla Siltz-Pochert Family -

The William and Ottilla Siltz-Pochert HouseholdTaken approximately in 1904, this photo shows the William and Otitilla Siltz-Pochert household in approximately 1904 in Port Hope, Michigan.  Note that Albert Pochert is missing.

Climbing to the Top of the Mackinac Bridge -

Afraid of heights? Claustrophobic? This is not the trip for you. Take a trip to the top of one of the two giant towers of the Mackinac Bridge.Afraid of heights? Claustrophobic? This is not the trip for you. Take a trip to the top of one of the two giant towers of the Mackinac Bridge.

Ginger Lemonade -

Summer time has always been one season that we kick back and really enjoy one of our favorite beverages, Ginger Lemonade.

We originally discovered this receipe in a managzine called Vegetarian Times (July, 2001).  The magazine reprinted it from a cookbook by Nicole Routhier called Fruit Cookbook (Workman Publishing, 1996).

We've modified the recipe slightly because the original instructions called for way too much sugar for our tastes.  Play around with the recipe a bit.  I think you'll discover how a hint of ginger can add a brightness to traditional lemonade.

Book On Former Student -

The Devil's Fingernail and Heather Aron GrossSome in our community remember student Heather Gross.  Heather graduated in 2003 and moved to her home area in Salt Lake City, Utah.  About five years after graduation Heather was killed by an avalanche while skiing in bounds. Her mother, Alyce wrote a book about Heather and about her own grief journey following Heather's death. Pastor Gary and the church library each have a copy. It is also for sale on  The title is, " The Devil's Fingernail and Heather Aron Gross". Alyce Gross is the author. 

Equal Pay for Equal Work - Why Republicans Don't Want This -

It's amazing that that not one Republican Senator voted in favor of the current pay discrimination bill and that includes Arizona Senator Jon Kyl (R). Although the numbers vary depending on the source of the statistics, women are usually paid much less then men for the same work. In one report it's 77 cents on the dollar(1); another report figures it to be 91 cents on the dollar(2); another 76 cents (3). Those that justify this disparaging difference cite the following reasons:

  • Women hires are riskier because they may eventually alter their career to raise children or take maternity leaves (aka Life Choices).
  • Women are not as aggressive asking for pay raises.
  • Women usually gravitate to lowering paying jobs (Job Clustering).
  • Men usually work in riskier and more dangerous jobs.

All these reasons do make some sense, except when a women does exactly the same work as a man, same hours, same education and same seniority. These women still make less. Generally this is because salaries are generally kept confidential between workers by the employers. Most employers favor male workers, but this information is generally kept very confidential by the management staff. This is where the more aggressive male characteristics advance an edge when asking for pay increases, threatening to leave for other jobs and approaching pay incentives through bonus and other perks. Does the mere fact that the male aggressive characteristics justify a wage difference? Many hard working, industrious women would disagree along with their husbands and partners. Wage transparency would help level the playing field, but wealthy republican business owners and lobbyists disagree and seem to have the Republican Senators in their hip pockets. Money carries incredible power if you are a Republican in Congress.(4) Digging deeper, it shows that these lobbying dollars are directed towards the Republican Congress. No wonder nothing seems to get down


  1. The Bureau of Labor Statistics
  2. Women's Policy Research (IWPR), citing a 2007 study by Francine Blau and Lawrence Kahn
  3. University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs and the Women's Foundation of Minnesota
  4. Between 2008 And 2010, 30 Big Corporations Spent More Lobbying Washington Than They Paid In Income Taxes

Additional References:

Romney's Birth Certificate -

The released copy of Mitt Romeny's birth certificate clearly states that it was a "Certificate of Live Birth". Isn't this the same phrase that some of the birther websites claimed made Barack Obama's invalid? So where is the outcry on this one? Oh dear, Romeny's father was born outside of the United States in Mexico. So where is the outcry on this one? Let's talk morality, Mitt Romney was born in a lineage where his grandfather was a polygamist. So where is the outcry on this one? Mitt Romney's dad tried to run for president of the United States in 1968 even though he was born in Mexico. Sure, he was born of American parents, but the legal language of the US Constitution was fiercely debated about this issue. So where is the outcry on this one? Of course during current times, it is widely agreed that a person who is born to US Citizens outside of the United States is a "natural born citizen". The courts and the Congressional Research Service all now agree. The reason that there is no "outcry" is that this whole thing is just silly. Trump needs to find a life, crawl back into his ivory towers where he can count his millions as he peers out on the 99% from his penthouse.

Pochert, Edwin O. -

Edwin O. PochertEDWIN O. POCHERT, age 89 of Harbor Beach, passed away Wednesday, April 11, 2012 at his son’s home in Lake Orion. He was born on June 2, 1922 at Verona and Kinde Roads, in Kinde to the late Walter Paul and Bertha (Gaffke) Pochert. Ed graduated from Southeastern High School in June of 1940. He was in World War II, from 1942 til 1945 in Company F 407th Division 102nd Infantry. Ed was wounded in Germany on March 31, 1945 by shrapnel from a shell burst. Edwin married Arley Jean Wacker on June 22, 1946, at Messiah Lutheran Church, Detroit, officiated by Pastor Loeber. Arley preceded him in death on September 12, 2011. Ed retired from the Detroit Post office in 1980 working as a postal clerk, they then moved to Scottsville, Kentucky. After eight years Edwin and Arley moved to Harbor Beach. He was a member of Zion Lutheran Church of Harbor Beach, a life member of the American Legion Post 197 of Harbor Beach, member of the AmVets Post of Port Hope, and the Port Hope Retirees. He is survived by his children: Charles Pochert and his wife Ronnie of lake Orion, Teresa Fritche and her husband Michael of Lakeville, five grandchildren: Tami & David Peel, Brett and Maiko Edwards, Cidney and Chelsea Fritche and Amber Pochert, 3 great grandchildren: Nicholas Ryan and Dakota Marie Peel, and Maya Edwards, brother Elmer Pochert and his wife Audrey of Roseville, and nieces Christine Parks and Debora Barbret. Funeral Services for Edwin will be Saturday, April 14, 2012 at 11 am at Zion Lutheran Church of Harbor Beach, with Rev. David McCloskey officiating. Burial will follow in Marquardt Cemetery. Visitation for Edwin will be Friday, April 13, from 3-9pm in the Ramsey Funeral Home of Harbor Beach. Visitation on Saturday will be at the church beginning at 10 am until time of services at 11 am. A scripture service will take place Friday at 7:30 pm in the funeral home. 

Let's Just Throw Away the Sick in our Society -

HealthcareWhy not?  It seems that is what the United States Congress wants to do.  Insure the healthy and those with money, let's throw away the rest.

 Many of the republicans in Congress seem to want to ignore a basic biblical principle that many conservative (and liberal) religious institutions are commanded to do (Matthew 25:31-46).

Is the Lead Acid Battery 'Dead'? -

Although older cars will probably not be upgraded, some of the newer cars to be released in the next few years may contain A123's Nanophosphateョ Engine Start Battery (12V).

Komen Flip-Flops Based On Politics and Public Outrage -

Pink Ribbon Blues

We need to find better ways to fund breast cancer research rather than supporting ultra-right wing conservative political organizations such as the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. See alternative options below.  Hundreds of former supports are destroying their pink ribbons and t-shirts and stopping future contributions.

Mitt Romney, ...I'm not concerned about the very poor. ... -

Mitt Romney during a press conference on February 1, 2012, said,的知 in this race because I care about Americans. I知 not concerned about the very poor. We have a safety net there. If it needs repair, I値l fix it. I知 not concerned about the very rich; they池e doing just fine. I知 concerned about the very heart of the America, the 90 percent, 95 percent of Americans who right now are struggling.

Jobs -

Public Corporations DON探 Have A Goal to Create Jobs Large public corporations have an obligation to their shareholders to generate profits. These corporations do this by streamlining all sorts of process including making the workforce as efficient as possible. Congressional members that constantly say that public corporations do otherwise are lying and misleading their constituents. In an article in the Wall Street Journal, William Frezza, a Boston-based venture capitalist and fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, is quoted as saying, 笛obs are an input, not an output; they池e a cost of doing business, not a goal of doing business.

Goals for 2012 -

Earl NightingaleI coasted along with no true course set for the first half of my life. I wandered into a job and kept it. I got married and we had a lot of children. I worked and I pretty well suppressed my urges to be truly creative and get on with my life.

Is it true that Mitt Romney Believes that the New Jerusalem is located here in the United States? If so, why does he pretend to support the current State of Israel? -

We have no clue what Mitt Romney痴 personal beliefs are or how these beliefs could affect the United States relationship with Israel. When visiting with some previous Mormon neighbors, it was shared that it is a common Mormon tenant that Zion (Jerusalem or the new Jerusalem) refers to the entire continent of America and even specific areas such as Salt lake Valley; Kirtland, Ohio; Jackson County, Missouri or Nauvoo, Illinois. (Doctrine and Covenants 57:1-5 and History of the Church 1:189). If this is true, why would Romney even care about the current State of Israel痴 right to exist except to promote political ambitions.

Smith Electric's Commercial Electric Vehicles -

Yes, energy companies are expanding in the United States. During 2011 Smith Electric Vehicles US has purchased its British based parent company, Smith Electric Vehicles Europe.  The US company is now the largest manufacturer and market leader in commercial electric vehicles.

Vaccines and Michele Backmann -

VaccinesMichele Backmann痴 remarks regarding vaccines could have serious effects that could continue for years. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention all favor the use of these specific vaccines. It痴 important the Michele Bachmann have her statistics correct. The HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) is responsible for claims, data and statistics.

Mitt Romney Expands Beach House -

Beach HouseIt's amazing to see a presidential candidate that is "in touch with the common middle class American" expanding his beach house from 3,009-square foot house to 11,062-square foot structure. This according to an article in USA Today.

Pochert, Terrel L 'Terry' -

Terry PochertAM/FM/TV Engineering, News editing supervisor.

The Example of Sparky Anderson -

BaseballAs a long time resident of Michigan while Sparky Anderson managed the Detroit Tiger's, I'll always remember his dedication to the individual team members. One of our Connert Media clients, Ross Reck, also commented, "Baseball Hall of Famer, Sparky Anderson, who won three World Series Titles managing the Cincinnati Reds and the Detroit Tigers, died recently. In spite of all his success, he is most remembered as an unpretentious and gracious human being. He loved and cared about people and treated everyone as an old friend whether they were a celebrity or a janitor. When people asked him for an autograph, he thanked them rather than vice versa. He often quoted something his father told him, ソスソスBeing nice to people is the only thing in life that will never cost you a dime. Treat them nice and they will treat you the same.ソス" Sparky lived that quote and for that reason every one of his former players and colleagues whom I saw interviewed the day after he died cried when the talked about him. I think thatソスs the way all of us want to be remembered."

Winning the Safety Commitment -


Winning the Safety CommitmentA wonderful book by a great friend. This complilation of three of Art Fettig's most popular business safety books is now available at an amazing price. Every safety officer in any organization should have this in their library

Here's what Art has to say, "A corporate president once paid me two thousand dollars plus travel to fly in and load his speech with sure fire humor. After visiting with him I sat down and wrote about twenty lines and suggested he learn them. He sat behind his desk and read each line slowly and then said, "No." and he would read another and say "No." And another, "No!" Finally I stopped him and said to him, "What makes you think you are qualified to judge my material like that. From what I hear, every year you go out and tell a dozen jokes and get absolutely no laughs. That is why you are paying me a kings ransom to be here. I suggest you spend this valuable time working with me to make sure you get laughs."
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