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Looking Ahead....Open Forums -

Sundays 9:15am-10:15am

  • January 21: "Dietrich Bonhoeffer Today: Bonhoeffer as a source for Eco-theology" a video with discussion led by Julie Gerrish
  • January 28: "The Militarization of Police" led by Tempe PD criminologist and ULC member Noah Fritz
  • February 4: "How to Optimize Human Biology" by ASU law student Walter Johnson

University Lutheran Church Young Adults -

Thank you to the young adults that came to the "Come and See Tour" of the Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest downtown Phoenix office. We learned more about the services offered to Refugees, the Elderly, and Foster Families by LSS-SW. Sorry to those who would have liked to go but got sick! Nasty cold of doom. Hope all are recovering. 

Some of us will be attending the WELCA Bible Study on February 10th that will be led by Mark Allen Powell. It is about interpreting Bible stories in different ways. Email me if you are interested in attending. Some of us will also be volunteering at Esperanza Lutheran Church's carnival on January 27th to raise funds for their summer mission trip to Mazahua, Mexico. Let me know if you are interested in volunteering or attending with family! The carnival goes from 12-2 and will have a variety of inflatables, games and food. 

If you like art, come to Esperanza's Art in the Garden show on February 24th from 2-4pm, hosted by the Garden of Eatin'. Submit art to be judged by attendees on "Best of Theme" and "Best Overall". Art submissions are due by Wednesday, February 21st and the theme of the show is "Peace and Harmony." You can turn in art submissions to the link on Garden of Eatin's News and Events page, or in the description of the Facebook page for this event, titled, "Art in the Garden". Artists of ALL AGES are welcomed and encouraged to come. 

Julie Gerrish
Young Adult Group Coordinator
You can contact Julie Gerrish by using our CONTACT PAGE by Clicking Here.

Food Pantry -

We can always use food donations to stock our Food Pantry... both for the Students and our regular Food Donation Box.

Download a PDF copy of suggested food items.

Student of the Month - Jill Cota -

Jill CotaYear of School: Freshman
Hometown: Tempe, AZ

1) What is your favorite part of LCM?
Being able to meet people through LCM and being able to share memories like San Diego, Dinners and Lefse Making with all of them.

2) Why would you encourage others to check out LCM?
It is a great way to meet people from all walks of life and keep in touch with your faith while experiencing the hustle and bustle of college.

3) What is one thing you are looking forward to this year?
Getting further into my academic career and continuing to get more involved on campus!

For it is in giving that we receive -

Our community continues to be generous in so many ways. This past Christmas season, we thought not only of family and food but also of those in need. In the months of November and December our ULC/LCM Community gave $1,691 to ELCA Good Gifts through our purchase of the Christmas ornaments. Our gifts supported children going to school with desks and books, gave loans to women to start businesses, provided families with pigs, goats, chickens and bees, fed people at a soup kitchen and supplied mosquito nets, bibles, water filters and a latrine to people in need!

We purchased $667 worth of products directly  from artisans in countries where they are struggling to feed their families and sustain themselves. Through SERRV, this money goes directly back to the communities and families to provide health, education and the means for people to support themselves through personal businesses.

Many people gave to Lutheran World Relief for world hunger and although this is a year long need, In November and December alone, we sent $206 to LWR.

May we be continue to be inspired by In the Prayer of Saint Francis and continue our generosity into 2018 and beyond. Thank you all!

Beth Wootten,

Amazon Smile -

Amazon Smiule

You shop. Amazon gives. Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Maricopa Lutheran Church.  Everyone loves to shop at Amazon, so take advantage of this great offer and donate to MLC when you shop!

AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service.

Ash Wednesday -

February 14 6:30pm
Ash Wednesday worship with the imposition of ashes

Midweek Lenten Worship
A contemplative worship
Gathering around the cross 
Wednesdays in Lent 6:30pm

Mid week theme: "You Have Heard it Said"; Teachings of Jesus
  • Feb. 21: "Concerning Anger" Matthew 5:21-26
  • February 28: "Concerning Retalitaion" Matthew 5: 38-42
  • March 7: " Love for Enemies" Matthew 5: 43-48
  • March 14: "Concerning Adultury" Matthew 5: 27-30
  • March 21: "Concerning Divorce" Matthew 5: 31-32
  • March 28: "The Law and the Prophets" Matthew 5:17-20

Anniversary Potluck LXV -

Happy 65th birthday University Lutheran Church/Lutheran Campus Ministry!

We are now old enough for Medicare! 

We will have a potluck following Sunday worship. Sky Blue is the color for a 65th anniversary, but there will be nothing blue about this anniversary! 

Student Schedule -



  • Bible Study 5pm
  • Dinner 5:30pm
  • Worship 6:30pm


  • Worship 10:30am
  • Dinner following worship

St.Olaf Choir -


Sunday, February 11, 3pm
Camelback Bible Church
3900 E. Stanford Drive
Paradise Valley, AZ

Tickets $30-40 adults, $10 students or 800.363.5487

Conversation on Religion, Ethics & Science -

Arizona State University Tempe Campus

Carson Ballroom in Old Main
400 E. Tyler Mall

Tuesday, March 13, 2018 4:30-6pm


  • Rev. Michael Reiss, Professor of Science Education, Oxford University
  • Munawar Ahmad Anees, President of KnowSys
  • Gaymon Bennett, Associate professor of Religion, Science, and Technology, ASU
  • Paul Davies, Physics professor, ASU
  • Hava Tirosh-Samuelson, Professor of Modern Judaism & History, ASU

NOTE: time/date/location on Tempe Campus may change. 

Thanks -

  • to Terry Anderson & Lori Zurcher for repairing the door and wall in the hallway between the sanctuary and Sunday School area. Thanks too for working on the pulpit to make it level. 

ASU Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict -

January 29, 4:35pm, Martson Theater, Tempe Campus

"Religion & Politics in the Era of Trump"
Two former White House officials, Pether Wehner & Melissa Rogers will address the changing patterns of religious influence on U.S. culture and politics.

Febrary 26 4:35pm Martson Theater, Tempe Campus

"Global Citizenship in an Age of Anger"
How can we explain the world-wide rise of nationalism and increasingly violent politics of identity?
Pankaj Mishra traces the connections and assess opportunities for a new global vision

Baby Grand Debuts -

Baby Grand PianoChristmas Eve was the first time we used our baby grand piano for worship. It was a gift of David and Nancy Tollefson. The Tollefsons had once been members of ULC and had two daughters, Ellen and Kristin, come through our campus ministry. Kristin continues to be here as a member and leads our altar guild. We will continue to use the previous piano for some worship ( Easter Sunrise, for example) and for other events. That piano had been given in the early 1990's by Muriel Cronin in memory of her brother. Thanks to the Tollefsons for the gift of a baby grand piano (and transportation to ULC) and to Muriel for many years of great music through her gift of a piano.  Thanks to Music Director Aiko Yamada Mancini, the choir, musicians, and all who work to give us such great music!!

Page Turner's Book Club -

The Page Turner’s Book Club meets at noon in the Campus Center on the first Thursday of each month. New members are welcome, even if you can only attend once in awhile.

Thank You -

  • to Ken Overturff for preparing and putting away the Christmas Eve candles and for preparing a church mailing

Rival to the Throne -

Pastor Gary McCluskey

We miss it this year. The gospel text from Matthew concerning Herod's order to slaughter children under the age of two who lived in and near Bethlehem. It was, according to Matthew, Herod's attempt to destroy the possible rival to his throne about whom the wise men told him.

Many years this is the gospel text the Sunday following Christmas. It is assigned for the First Sunday of Christmas. Merry Christmas indeed!?! It is bad enough that many years we sit in church following Christmas and the poinsettias are a bit droopy, the light is not the warm glow of candlelight, and the entire feeling and attitude is different. No more looking forward. No more expectation or preparing. It's over. And here comes January feeling like one long Monday.

Music leadership for Christmas Eve worship with University Lutheran Church & Missio Dei Community. -

Music leadership for Christmas Eve worship with University Lutheran Church & Missio Dei Community.Music leadership for Christmas Eve worship with University Lutheran Church & Missio Dei Community.

Julie Gerrish's Coming Home Blog Post -

Julie GerrishSince being back in the United States, Julie Gerrish's has conducted an Open Forum presentation about working in Senegal from 2016-17 with the Young Adult Global Missions (YAGM).  For those who missed the Open Forum, take the time to read Julie's current blog post by Clicking Here.

Julie writes, "Hi everyone, I just posted this blog about coming back home called, "Learning how to be". Thanks all for walking alongside me and being supportive! Of course there are more things I could have written about when coming back home (many things have happened in these 4-5 months) than the things I wrote in this blog, but I felt inspiration and had to go with it. 

Let me know what you think and update me on your life if we haven't been able to talk!

Lots of love and hugs,
Julie Gerrish 
YAGM Senegal 2016-17

Young Adults - January 9th Downtown Phoenix -

Hello, young adult peers!

First of all, I hope you are ready to have a relaxing Christmas/New Year's/Holiday times. 

Second of all, there is a service/learning opportunity on Tuesday, January 9th at 5pm in the Lutheran Social Services office in Downtown Phoenix for about an hour:

I'd love if you could come. My mom and I will be hosting a "Come and See" tour of Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest. You might recognize the place, because some of you have packed food for refugee families there. Anyways, we will walk through the facility, hear stories about the programs (with refugees, the elderly, foster families), and they will ask you to spread the word about the good work they are doing in turn maybe get more volunteers/sponsors. Easy peasy! Afterwards, you can come with me to the Duce where there is delicious food and swing dancing every Tuesday night! It is one of the best places. You don't have to dance. :) 

LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED. We can figure out rides. Use our Contact Page by Clicking Here.

Peace & God bless,

Julie Gerrish
Young Adult Group Coordinator
University Lutheran Church

Young Adults at ULC -

Young AdultsWe had an eventful December in our Young Adults Group! On December 4th we participated in the biggest MobilePack event of Feed My Starving Children, “Hope Filled Holiday”. Our packing session packed over 300,000 meals in total. The weekend packed over 2 million! Woo! To make it extra special, we packed as a team with people from two other young adult church groups from the valley. On the 17th, we had a Christmas party. What a bounty! White elephant gift exchange, so much delicious potluck food, good company, and that Netflix video of a fireplace to warm us all up. Thank you to all who came to both events. On January 9th at 5pm, we will have a “Come and See” tour of the Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest office in Downtown Phoenix. Come and learn about the different services for refugees, foster families, and elders in our community. Email me if you would like to come! 

If you have any questions, or would like to join us, email me using our CONTACT PAGE

Julie Gerrish, Young Adult Coordinator

Sunday Readers -

As always we appreciate those who each week read our scriptures during worship. Thank you! As always, we invite more to consider this possibility.

There will be a slight change in our procedure. Normally we put hard copy printed scriptures for each week beneath the sign up on the moving bulletin board. We will no longer do this. Each week we send email reminders to those who signed up to read. They are sent each Friday. What we will now do is attach the scriptures to each email reminder. It saves paper and should be a bit more helpful to those who read. Thank you!!

Thanks -

  • to Lynn and Art Becker for decorating the exterior of the Campus Center and church for Christmas
  • to Beth Wootten and Kristin Tollefson for buying, delivering, and setting up the Christmas decorations in the sanctuary
  • to Barbara Harris for filling in for secretary Dottie Ohe
  • to the choir, musicians, and Aiko Yamada Mancini for another outstanding Taize worship service

Winter Retreat -

Students will gather in Sedona January 26-28 for a retreat. We meet up with students from NAU and U of A Lutheran Campus Ministries and spend the weekend in Christ Lutheran Church, Sedona. Students return to ULC in time for lunch on Sunday. 

Student Meals -

Students return to classes January 8. Thanks to all who provided meals for last semester. The sign up list for this semester is on the moving bulletin board. Thank  you!!

Lenten Devotions -

As we have done for about fourteen Lents, we will be writing a Lenten devotional booklet. Devotions are to be about a paragraph on an assigned text accompanied by a one or two sentence prayer related to the devotion. You may sign up for one or more. Sign ups are on the desk at the church entrance. Or you can contact the church office and sign up for one: , 480.967.3543. Thanks to those who have already signed up! Deadline for submission is January 15. 

Property Committee Report to the Congregation -

Lots of work done by the Property Committee the last few months.  You can read their report by clicking on the link below.

Download Property Report (PDF)

Congratulations -

To Jeanne Sims who graduated December 16 with an MBA from the University of Arizona.

Will's Corner - Will Salz

As President of the congregation, Will Salz publishes "Will's Corner".  Here is the December 14, 2017, edition.

Download Will's Corner (PDF)

Campus Center Water Leak -

Water LeakOur buildings and property always needs a bit of TLC.  During Work Day this month, the volunteers discovered a water leak near the Campus Center BBQ area.  Thanks to the fast response of our subcontractor, Instant Plumbing, and the cement contractor who helped us with the inside pit remodeling the whole issue has now been taken of.

THANKS Property Committee!  What a team.


We have some bags of lefse for sale! $10 per bags of 6. See Pastor Gary or Amy if you would like some. You can also stop by the church office Tues-Friday 9am-2pm if you would like some. 

Concert Schedule -

CONCERT SCHEDULE from LCM student Stephen Gerrish. He plays tuba!  All concerts will be held at the Tempe Center for the Arts.

  • Wednesday, January 10, 2018 @7:30 p.m. It’s Time to Shine
  • Thursday, March 1, 2018 @7:30 p.m. March On
  • Thursday, April 12, 2018 @7:30 p.m. Bandancing
  • Friday, April 27, 2018 @7:30 p.m. Music Under the Stars

Wednesday Worship -

Theme for Epiphany: "Jesus Talks"
Worship 6:30pm-7:10pm

  • January 10: Jesus Talks About Poverty
  • January 17: Jesus Talks About Money
  • January 24: Jesus Talks About Love
  • January 31: Jesus Talks About Neighbors
  • February 7: Jesus Talks About Himself

These will also be the same themes each week for the student Wednesday 5pm Bible Studies using different texts on the same theme. 

A Wonderful Advent Taize Worship Experience - December 6, 2017 -

Taize WorshipThe University Lutheran Church community welcomed worshipers to the yearly Advent Taizé Worship Service on Wednesday, December 6th.This is a service where scripture, music and community come together to inspire and prepare us for the Advent and Christmas seasons.

It was a great opportunity to invite your neighbors and friends.

Thanks to the Choir, the Musicians and especially all those who attended.

Thanks -

  • to Terry Anderson for picking up and delivering our Christmas trees

Young Adult Group - Christmas Party - December 17th -

We will have a Christmas party at my house on Sunday, December 17th from 7-10pm. There will be a white elephant gift exchange (up to $10), games, singing carols, hot chocolate, food, some treats. We'll also do a $5 or more donation to the party and the charity of our choosing. If you want to bring friends, cool! If you've never come to an event of ours yet, cool! The more the merrier. 

Let me know if you can come!  Please use our CONTACT PAGE.

Love to all, 
Julie Gerrish

LCM Monthly Service Projects -


December 9 
Feed my Starving Children 
Meet there at 7 pm - 1345 S Alma School Rd, Mesa, AZ 85210 
Need a ride? Meet at the church at 6:30 pm 
Interested? Contact Amy

Sermons -

Pastor Gary McCluskey

So I am sitting here in my office staring at a pile of papers on the floor. There they lay, 8 1/2 X 11 white sheets of paper, most sheets typed full with words....lots of words.. They are like ghosts of Christmas past, sermons once preached  here and never heard again. They had their time and their time was short-lived. 

Condolences -

To the family of Ann Rispoli. Ann died in Tempe Saturday, November 18. Ann had been our longest tenured member at ULC (formerly Church of the Good Shepherd). Ann's memorial service will be at University Lutheran Church, Friday, December 1, 11am. A reception will follow.

Giving Tuesday -

Tuesday, November 28 is "Giving Tuesday". Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest is a wonderful possibility for your giving. Also, you may use LSSS for your Arizona tax deduction. Contributions for the tax deduction are due by dec 31 to qualify for 2017.

Patio Sale a Great Success -

An enormous shout out to all of the people that contributed stuff, time, muscle, humor, and money to the most recent "Patio Sale" fundraiser. We made $369.77, yes we had people digging in the bottom of their bags for loose change to make it happen! Thanks so much and the students will benefit from the generosity of all of you to put toward their mission project this year. 

We had a lot of curiousity about the church and the LCM this time. We had brochures about the Church and people took them, hopefully we'll see them soon. There was a tremendous "spirit" of goodwill and helpfulness. We offered pick up and delivery service this time, too! We're really learning a lot about event planning, timing, and advertising.

Ann Rispoli -

Ann RispoliAnn Rispoli died Saturday, November 18 at 12:30pm in hospice care.  

Memorial service will be December 1 at ULC, 11am.

Hunger Emphasis During Month of November -

FoodAnnually we receive gifts of non-perishable food items. In November there is a special emphasis on hunger. We will have envelopes in the chair racks for Lutheran World Hunger.

Offerings may be made online We will receive gifts on nonperishable food items as well as bottled water and toilet paper. During each Sunday worship in November we will invite you to bring your gifts of non-perishable food items forward to place before the altar ( or you can hand yours to someone else to bring forward).

This hunger emphasis is year long .... we always collect gifts of food and will always receive money offerings to World Hunger, ..... but this emphasis is for the month of November.

Gifts of money go to Lutheran World Hunger, one of the world's best hunger efforts (93% of gifts go to food or production of food). Thank you!

Reformation Book Fair -

Books are in!
Pick yours up in the Campus Center. Make checks payable to University Lutheran Church.

Young Adults at ULC -

HikingHi everyone! We have been busy in our Young Adult Group! Young Adult Group is for anyone age 22-39ish that is looking for some community, faith-building, fun, and service. 

In October we had a Reformation celebration party where we wrote down what we would reform in the church, ate delicious potluck goods and raised $58 for Lutheran World Relief. 

So far in November we hiked the First Water Trail in the Superstition Mountains with our other Young Adult friends, the Young Catholic singles, woo woo! ;) 

We are also packing food for Refugees at Lutheran Social Services on Thursday, the 16th of November. 

On December 3rd we will be packing food for Feed My Starving Children’s “Hope Filled Holiday” packing event from 3-5pm at the Phoenix Convention Center. 

If you have any questions, or would like to join us, email us using the CONTACT PAGE

Congratulations -

To Mariana Carper on her new job with Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest. Mariana will begin as an HR assistant and will transfer to be a Foster Home Licensing Specialist. 

November 2017 Print Newsletter Download -

You can download a PDF copy of our printed/mailed Newsletter for November 2017 by Clicking Here (PDF).

Property Committee Meeting Highlights - October 21, 2017 -

We had another productive and positive PC meeting yesterday morning. We covered the topic of painting for the buildings; it was unanimous that we move forward with the bid and get the buildings freshened up and protected before the end of the year (including the pergola over the campus center will be repaired).

Young Adults - Food Packing at Lutheran Social Services -

LogoThere is another opportunity to pack food for refugees at Lutheran Social Services next Thursday, November 16, at 5pm. Lutheran Social Services is in Downtown Phoenix, and I'm sure it's ok if you're a little late. We will stay there and work till 6:30, when the employees have to get outta there. 

Specific location for meeting to be announced.

It would be a great opportunity to get ourselves some dinner together afterwards, too!

Let me know asap if you are interested. I will set you up with the first-time volunteer paperwork (Just one page).

Questions?  You can email me by using our Contact Page.

Thanks & Love,
Julie Gerrish

Christmas Family -

Christmas Family Shopping 2016This will be the fourteenth year students are twice weekly receiving an offering to support an entire family's Christmas. 

They pay for the gifts, shop, wrap, and deliver them including Christmas dinner. If anyone would like to help out, let Amy or Pastor Gary by visiting our CONTACT PAGE.

Painting -

PaintingThe painting of the pergola has started.  Thanks for your donations to help make this Property Committee project successful.

Teaching About Martin Luther -

Teaching about Martin LutherPastor Gary teaching about Martin Luther & doubt at the Latter Day Saints Campus Ministry.

Thanks -

  • to Andy Tadlock for assembling and disassembling our Reformation door.

12 Step Groups -

  • Heroin Addicts Anonymous (HAA) 8p - Mondays in the Campus Center
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 8p - Tuesdays in the Sanctuary
  • Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) 8p - Thursdays in the Campus Center

Endurance of the Saints -

Pastor Gary McCluskey

"Here is a call for the endurance of the saints, those who keep the commandments of God and hold fast to the faith of Jesus".

Do you know from which source I have taken this line? The book of Revelation. (Revelation 14:12) We just looked at this line today in Bible study. I would argue this line in many ways sums up the point of Revelation. Though filled with much imagery mysterious to most, careful study with good Biblical footnotes can allow you to navigate through dragons, beasts, the abyss and Babylon to a message more hopeful than puzzling.

Hosting CORA - November 1, 2017 -

CORAWe hosted over 40 pastors, priests, imams, & Rabbis from ASU’s Council of Religious Advisers November 1

Thank You -

  • to Krisitin Tollefson for creating a Reformation banner in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.
  • to Lynn and Art Becker for oscillating fans for the library use
  • to Lynn Becker for curtains covering the kitchen cupboard
  • to Aiko Yamada Mancini, Music Director, the choir, and all our musicians for creating and leading the Reformation worship

Reformation 500 Years!!! -

Martin LutherSunday, October 29 is Reformation Sunday. It will mark 500 years since Martin Luther nailed the 95 theses on the door of the castle church in Wittenberg, Germany. Worship will be at 10:30 followed by a potluck at noon. After the potluck we will watch a video of travel guru (and Lutheran) Rick Steves on Luther's Germany titled, "Luther and the Reformation". We will do the potluck and video with Missio Dei Community who worships Sunday afternoons in our sanctuary. Bring a main dish and salad or desert. Place settings (Reformation placemats!) will be provided as will beverages. 

Lefse Making Has Started for this Christmas Season -

LefseBusy at work!

Condolences to the Roehr Family -

We wish to express our condolences to the Roehr Family.  Daryl D. Roehr, father of David Roehr, passed away on September 22, 2017, in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  He was memorialized in a private family service on September 21, 2017, in Britton, South Dakota.  Our prayers are with David and Stella.

Condolences -

To the family of Don Walters, father of Barb Harris and grandfather of Berkley. Don died October 20 in Sun City West, AZ

Student of the Month - Kayla Pagel -

Kayla PagelWhat memories do you have from University Lutheran from before college?
University Lutheran was my first church. Pastor Gary baptized me and it is really amazing to be know that I have families at different churches around Arizona; from University Lutheran, to Desert Cross, to Trinity Lutheran Church. Even though I was only a toddler, I can clearly remember going on Easter Egg hunts around campus and watching fish in the canal with my dad while we waited for my mom finish conversing after service.

Living Lutheran: 'Freed in Christ to serve the neighbor' -

Church GraphicAs Lutherans around the world reflect on the Reformation this month, the October cover story of Living Lutheran considers how the Reformation’s roots of social action continue to guide Lutheran identity and calling today. Through stories of the ELCA’s work in advocacy, global mission and domestic ministries, the article explores how the teachings of Jesus and Martin Luther are active in Lutherans’ faith lives today.


Thanks! Work Day - October 14, 2017 -

Work DayThanks to everyone who helped!

Will's Corner - Will Salz

As President of the congregation, Will Salz publishes "Will's Corner".  Here is the October 15, 2017, edition.

Download Will's Corner (PDF)


Shop for your Christmas Gifts and Help Others at the Same Time! -

SERRVNovember brings our annual shopping opportunities to ULC/LCM! 

We will have our Fair Trade Fair from SERRV as well as Good Gifts from ELCA and gifts supporting the Lutheran Social Services of the Southwest available in the Campus Center. 

This is not a fundraiser.  In the SERRV Fair Trade Fair, many countries are represented and the money goes directly back to the artisans and their families. The money goes to help develop schools, jobs and health programs in the various impoverished communities.

Consider supporting others with your Christmas purchases this year.  There are plenty of opportunities to obtain unique gifts for those on your list.

Jubilee USA Network -

Jubilee USA Network, consisting of 75 US organizations and 650 faith communities, over the years has won global financial reforms and more than $130 billion in debt relief for the world's poorest nations, taking its theme from Leviticus, where those enslaved because of debts were freed, lands lost because of debts were returned, and community was restored.  International debt has become a new form of slavery.  We currently seek signatures on petitions--which you'll find on the round table inside the Campus Center--to ensure Congress provides  relief aid in the wake of  Hurricanes Irma and Maria that is in the form of grants rather than loans, and that the odious debt owed by affected countries be suspended and reduced.  Google to find out more, and we urge you to follow up with suggested actions including prayer and monetary gifts.

Dinner Church - Worship DinnerLooking back at a wonderful Dinner Church..

From The Heart Sunday Morning Forum -

Sunday ForumGreat attendance for the Sunday morning forum.  There are still a few open chairs for you to join the group.  Sundays at 9:15am.

Early Reformation Years -

Pastor Gary McCluskey

There is an easily missed point concerning the Reformation. We rightly celebrate the reform movement begun five hundred years ago in a small, obscure German town called Wittenberg. Most Lutherans, many Christians, and others simply interested in history or religion can high light many of the events of those early Reformation years.

Thanks for the Beautiful Mantel -

Fireplace MantelThanks to Paul Zelenski for the beautifully designed mantel along with its installation.  Pastor Gary worked with Paul regarding design, placement and code compliance.

It is beautiful and the congregation is very thankful.

Let There Be Light in the Parking Lot -

Parking Lot LightsAlthough the parkig lot lights are fairly dependable, they sometimes reach their life limit.  Thanks to Terry Anderson, all the halogen lights are now working correctly.  THANKS!

Baptism -

Baptized  into the Christian faith was Millie Wenhwei Tay, daughter of Katie Gorin Tay and Mitchell Tay. Sponsors were Mike and Kelly Robers. Millie was baptized Sunday, September 24 at University Lutheran Church.

Thanks -

  • to Jim and Dena Trangsrud for the gift of a projector for use in  worship, education, etc. 

Can You Do Calligraphy? -

We need someone to enter memorial gifts into our Book of Remembrance and would like someone with the ability to do calligraphy or some similar writing form to enter them. There are not that many entries to be made. If you are interested in doing this, please contact Dottie in the church office (CONTACT PAGE or 480.967.3534)

Lutheran Church of Senegal Synod Secretary -

On Monday, the 25th of September at 7pm, we welcomed the Secretary of our partner synod the Lutheran Church of Senegal, Pascal Sosse Kama.

He shared what it is like to be a Christian in Senegal, and what the church in Senegal is doing. 

Martin Luther Exhibit Toured University Lutheran Church in 2005 - Martin Lutheran Death maskA glimpse into the Martin Luther Exhibit that was shown right here at University Lutheran Church in Tempe.  Hundreds of people enjoyed reviewing the exhbit.

Young Adults in Global Mission Visit Wednesday Worship -

Hilda Santiago from Young Adults in Global Mission. San Antonio home town, University of North Carolina alum. Served in Argentina.

Calling Young Adults aged 22-39ish! -

We are having a 500th anniversary of the Reformation party, Sunday October 15th from 6:30-9:30 in the evening, on the lawn outside of University Lutheran Church. We will have a potluck, play lawn games, have a whiteboard where people can write what they would reform in today’s church and announce the ideas later in the night. Bring a potluck dish and a small donation. We will pool the money and vote on a charitable/nonprofit organization to give it to. 

WELCA Retreat -

The Women of the ELCA (WELCA) are having a retreat from Friday, October 20th to Saturday, October 21st at The Franciscan Renewal Center, 5802 E. Lincoln Drive in Scottsdale. The weekend is called, “Transformed: A New Katie” and will hopefully foster spiritual growth and new relationships within the WELCA community. Registration is open until October 4th. Email Julie Gerrish using our CONTACT PAGE for the registration form or if you have any other questions. 

Will's Corner - Will Salz

As President of the congregation, Will Salz publishes "Will's Corner".  Here is the September 14, 2017, edition.

Download Will's Corner (PDF)


Student of the Month - Matthew Bohr -

Name: Matthew Bohr
Year in School: Sophmore
Hometown: North Phoenix

What is your favorite part of LCM? My favorite part of LCM is meeting new people.

Why would you encourage others to check out LCM? I think it is a good place to meet new people and have good time just hanging out with others.  I have something to look forward to every week, either Sunday worship and lunch or Wednesday dinner and worship.  It is also a nice break from homework.

What is your best memory at LCM? Well, I have a most interesting memory. One year in San Diego, during the worship on the cliffs, there was a group of para-gliders.  It was exciting to see them just sailing around.

What is the one thing you are looking forward to this year? Since the San Diego trip has past, I have to say the Sedona retreat.  It is just a different vibe.  We get to hang out with the other campus ministries, like from U of A and NAU, more. It is also cool to see snow on the tops of the mountains.   

Choir -

Our choir is off to a great start! The new 9am Sunday rehearsal time is working well. There is still room for more! Why not show up for a rehearsal and give it a try? Warning: This group could become addictive and entice you to repeated rehearsals....

San Diego Retreat -

Our retreat in San Diego was a hit as always! We hosted worship on Sunday morning on the shores of Mission Bay. Worship was also held on the cliffs of La Jolla as the sun set over the Pacific. Free time saw us scatter to a Padres' game, Balboa Park, and the USS Midway aircraft carrier. This year we spent time with the ASU Presbyterian campus ministry. Ov er a Pizza Fest we had a discussion led by Pastor Gary and University Presbyterian Pastor Eric Ledderman. Students from both groups appreciated the exchange and getting together. 

Student Meals -

Thanks to all who have signed up to provide meals for students! As always, we had a great response!! There are still a few Wednesday and Sunday times available. There is a brochure "Ministering Through Meals" available with tips on the desk at the church entrance. In addition, "veteran" meal providers are often willing to mentor you through a meal or two.  Aren't able to provide a meal but want to help out? Gifts of money to provide food can be used with students or others doing the cooking. Talk to Amy Gauthier or Pastor Gary about this possibility. Thank you!!

Gifts of Stock -

Gifts of stock to support the ministry of Christ through University Lutheran Church or Lutheran Campus Ministry are greatly appreciated. You may contact the church office (CONTACT PAGE or 480.967.3543) for further information. Contacting your tax adviser will also let you know the best way to utilize such gifts for tax purposes. Thank you!!

Hurricane Harvey / Irma Relief -

Salem Lutheran Church, Houston, TexasGiven along with bulletins this week and last are fliers and envelopes for Lutheran Disaster Relief. You can direct your gifts for Hurricane Harvey relief on the envelope and/or your check. You may also give on line via our web site: or the ELCA website

We have a few personal connections to the Houston area. One of our freshmen is from Houston and has family affected by Harvey. Alumnus Ellen Tollefson Lawrence and husband Daniel live in Houston. Former Campus Ministry Associate Evan Moilan directs Lutheran Social Services in Texas and is involved in relief efforts. Thank you for your help!!

Young Adults in Global Mission Here -

Hilda Santiago, a recruiter for Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) will be with us Wednesday, September 20 at our 6:30pm worship service. She will eat with students and talk about YAGM, then preach at worship. Hilda will remain a bit for Q & A regarding the program. 

Currently member Berkley Harris is serving with YAGM in Senegal. Two students recently returned from serving YAGM: Julie Gerrish in Senegal, and Annie Skivington in Hungary. 

Interim Bishop Lowell Almen Here -

Lowell AlmenWednesday, November 1 Bishop for the Interim, Lowell Almen will preach at the 6:30pm worship service. He will also eat dinner with students. Interim Bishop Almen, a former campus pastor, retired as Secretary of the ELCA, a position he held for the first twenty years of the ELCA's existence. Interim Bishop Almen has authored two books and had an audience with Pope Benedict. All are welcome to worship.

Student Bible Study -

Noon-1pm Each Friday beginning September 15

"Reveling in Revelation"

Hurricane Irma -

The Rev. Daniel Rift, Director, ELCA World Hunger and Disaster Appeal, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, writes:

Hurricane Irma is one of the most powerful storms ever recorded in the Atlantic. The Category 5 storm hit the Caribbean and is expected to skirt or pass directly over Florida, causing widespread damage and threatening loss of life. 

As a church, we’re standing by our neighbors who are already affected, and we are ready to assist in additional locations as disaster strikes. Lutheran Disaster Response’s affiliates, companion churches and international partners are collaborating with community leaders and government officials to respond. Please give now to support this response. 

Unfortunately, Hurricane Irma was not the first major hurricane with catastrophic effects this season, and it may not be the last. If you’ve given to support Hurricane Harvey relief, Thank You. To give to the hurricane response where funds are needed most, click here and select “Hurricane response.” To give directly to relief efforts for Hurricane Irma, click here and select “Hurricane Irma.” Either way, your gifts will be used entirely (100 percent) for direct response efforts. 

Thanks -

  • to Pastor Bennett Henrikson for preaching, presiding and leading worship on September 3, 2017.

Smiling Faces at this Year's San Diego Trip -

San Diego 2017A great weekend in San Diego.

PBS Will Air 'Martin Luther: The Idea that Changed the World' -

Martin LutherTuesday, September 12 at 7pm Mountain Standard Time (Channel 8).  Be sure to check your local listings since the time will vary depending on how you receive your PBS station.

Thrivent Financial is pleased to announce that PBS has agreed to air a two-hour documentary on the life and impact of Martin Luther. 

Narrated by Hugh Bonneville (Downton Abbey) and starring Padraic Delaney in the title role, the film brings to life the great adventure story of Luther's struggle. Interspersed among the dramatic recreations (shot in Europe), is commentary from theologians and scholars from a variety of Christian traditions.

Thrivent Financial is the exclusive sponsor of the film, which was created to recognize the 500th anniversary of the Reformation.

John Barton Installed as intern Pastor -

John BartonA special day for former LCMer, John Barton. John was installed as an intern Pastor in Waltham, MA. Special attendees and former LCMers, Loni and Eric Lehnhardt and children were on hand for the event.

Glasses and Discipleship -

Pastor Gary McCluskey

I was a junior in high school. As I stepped outside into the downtown square of Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania, I wondered, "What will my friends think when they see me now?".  

It was the late days of fall and the daytime sky was fast becoming an evening sky. I looked around and was astounded by the brightness of neon signs announcing the retail tenants of the downtown buildings. The colors on the Yellow Cabs and passing cars were both brighter and bolder than I could ever recall seeing. I was not able to see anything I had not seen before; I was just seeing things more vividly and more colorfully. You see, I was stepping out from the office of my optometrist. For the first time ever I glasses. Corrective lenses my driver's license called them. The fresh view made me realize I needed glasses after all.

Young Adults in Global Mission Rep Here -

Hilda Santiago, a recruiter for Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM), a ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, will be with us Wednesday, September 20. She will talk a few minutes during dinner at 5:30pm, preach during our 6:30pm worship and stick around for Q & A following worship. Learn about YAGM and the possibilities available to serve around the world. 

Currently we have a bulletin board with YAGM information in the Campus Center. We have member Berkley Harris' photo there. Berkley is now serving in Senegal. In addition to Berkley we have a strong history of support for YAGM. More recently we had Jill Rode, Thailand, Abby Henderson, South Africa, Julie Gerrish, Senegal, and Annie Skivington, Hungary. 

Arizona Wind Symphony -

AWSOur own Stephen Gerrish performs with the Arizona Wind Symphony and will be performing at the Tempe Center for the Arts.

Although not yet on the box office schedule for purchasing tickets, they should become available soon by logging on to the Tempe Center for the Arts boxoffice.

Advent Study -

Advent Study 2017Rejoice and reflect this Advent season through study, prayer and worship.  ELCA World Hunger's 2017 Advent Study is full of new weekly devotions, prayers, blessings and hymn suggestions.  Use this resource during weekly worship or adult study, or encourage members to take it home and read each week during Advent.

You can Download this Resource by Clicking Here (PDF)

First Grace, Grub and Grog of the Year -

Four PeaksWe are going with option three from the last email for our first outing! Our first Grace, Grub and Grog of the year will be at Four Peaks (The 8th st. one) on Saturday, September 9th from 6:30-9pm-ish. 

I am excited to talk about stuff and plan for the year with y'all! Lemme know if you (and your friend or S.O.) can make it (PLEASE RSVP). :) 

RSVP on the Facebook event page by Clicking Here.

Let me know if you have questions! It is the first group outing I am planning, hoping all goes well!

Julie Gerrish

Four peaks address: 
1340 E. 8th Street, #104
Tempe, AZ 85281

Four Peaks is socially responsible, and has gluten free and vegetarian food options.
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