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The Upstairs Room

Art Fettig's Monday Morning Memo 
January 30, 2017
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Photo by Drew Coffman

The Upstairs Room
In our home located just a couple of stone throws outside the quaint and growing town of Hillsborough, NC I have an upstairs room. Until just recently I seldom went upstairs and that was just to get something I have hiding up there or else to play my set of drums. I seldom play more than a couple of songs and I play so poorly I cannot stand listening to myself for long periods of time. 

Since I began my new fitness program in October I go up there most days and ride my stationary bicycle for sixteen minutes a day.  I have an ancient but good sounding CD player which also plays 33 RPM records and cassette tapes. As I exercise I listen to my old CD's and it has been a wonderful experience. As I ride my bicycle I look around the room and I have been taking time to look at the hundreds of books I have up there. All of the walls are covered with bookcases jammed full of books and other items.  I also have a huge collection of educational cassette tape albums, many featuring friends I have made through the National Speakers Association in the past. Occasionally I listen to an old motivational  tape and my mind seems to be getting a little sharper with this review of what I once knew.

I am accumulating quite a number of books and tapes which I will soon take to the dump or to a Charity resale store.

Every day I manage to procure just a tiny new space in which to move up there. I have some spaces I've made on the book shelves.  I am losing that claustrophobic

feeling I used to get when I went up those stairs. Perhaps if I stick to it for another month there will be some room to breathe.  

One might say that my "Stuff Room" was overstuffed.  I have half a shelf full of old 33 RPM Vinyl Comedy Records that I hope to get around to listening to. I'm getting eager to find the time to listen to some of that old stuff. 

As always, I'd love to hear any of our comments.  Click Here to be taken to my blog page.

Say Something Good
Sales at Belks. I don't shop very often but the ad I got online from Belks the other day said buy one pair of pants at regular price and get two pair free. And then before I went offline there was a further offer of 10% my entire purchase. What really cinched my going shopping was the fact that I have taken a couple of inches off my waistline and  all of the pants in my wardrobe  have this awful baggy look. 

I was amazed to find so many things on sale in my size too. I found an amazing outer jacket my size that retailed for $80 and it was on a Red Dot rack and marked down to $20 and there was 10% off that. Let's cut to the quick. I paid $98.87 for my stuff and some stuff for a step-son and the slip says I saved $226.38. When I paid that nice lady at the cash register I was tempted to leave a tip.

May God Bless America and bring us all together as Americans and let there be world peace. 

Points To Ponder
It is wise to direct your anger towards problems - not people; to focus your energies on answers - not excuses. William Arthur Ward

A Little Humor
Mini Haiku  "Space for just one syl." (c) Art Fettig, 2017

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. George Bernard Shaw

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