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The following list is from a sign in the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC.

Does any of these apply to the Trump administration?


  • Powerful and Continuing Nationalism
  • Disdain for Human Rights
  • Identification of Enemies as a Unifying Cause
  • Supremacy of the Military
  • Rampant Sexism
  • Controlled Mass media
  • Obsession with National Security
  • Religion and Government Intertwined
  • Corporate Power Protected
  • Labor Power Supressed
  • Disdain for Intellectuals and the Arts
  • Obsession with Crime & Punishment
  • Rampant Cronyism & Corruption
  • Fraudulent Elections


  • AOL News, January 31, 2017, Kelsey Weekman - US Holocaust Museum's sign about fascism goes viral

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