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Warming Jacket

My Monday Morning Memo
January 15, 2018

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Warming Jacket

 Shoshone Falls
In this recent Artic Blast our temperature here was low enough for us to take a new look at what we were wearing. I dug into my closet.  I got to wearing a sweat shirt and a hoodie around the house and then before I went outside I dug deep, deep into my closet and discovered  an aqua colored Hellyl Hansen double lined 100% nylon outer shell. It had a zipper in front that went on up on the collar right up to my nose. On the outside  left chest area was embroidered  "Alamgamated Sugar Company, Safety 200 Club, Twin Falls."  What an awesome memory that triggered. In June of 1997 That firm hired me to fly in to Twin Falls, Idaho and together with it's vice president of operations Pete Chertidi we toured together throughout the states of Oregon and Idaho visiting their sugar factories. I made a two hour safety presentation at each plant. I will never forget the day we visited the Shoshone Falls  and there had been so much rain that the falls had a record setting amount of water going over the falls and instead of just "Twin Falls" like the name of the community nearby, there were a dozen or so roaring water falls. Pete wrote me and described it so well saying, "The Shoshone Falls were definitely breathtaking weren't they? The word magnificent was invented to describe such a force of nature at work. It was a spiritual experience in its own right."

That quality 21 year old jacket still looks like new. It really keeps me warm but the precious memory of that tour, of the wonderful, enthusiastic meetings we shared and the lives we touched with our presentations truly warm the cockles of my heart.

Say Something Good
Cabin fever. I don't do well walking on ice.  I solved this challenge by staying inside.  Same with driving up and down icy hills.  I hibernate. Jean kept busy with office work and phone calls some of the thousand things she does so well, still  after five days inside I was talking talking to myself and then answering myself too.  It was when I started saying "Huh?" to myself that I decided it was time to venture out into the still  chilling cold. I went to Walmart and pushed a cart around the perimeter inside. Folks seemed somewhat folksier. I nodded at people as we passed one another and many nodded back and smiled. Some spoke.  Some older folks remarked "Good to be out of the house."  I agreed. Next I drove over the Senior Center and was greeted with warmth. I wandered around. Just looking and chatting. Went into the auditorium visiting some old memories about speaking for their facility grand opening years before and I silently watched a group of ladies doing line dancing. They were good and had a wonderful instructor.  I suspected some of them might have been dancing together like that since they were little girls. I looked at the books in their library shelfs and talked with Terry Colville who is Program and Operations Manager and she introduced a large group of ladies to an lady artist who was showing her works. It was an elegant feast they offered with strawberries and lots of finger food and a taste of wine, or was it grape juice? I didn't partake. Just watched and gave the paintings a good looking over and they were really fine. I was just letting that cabin fever eek out of me and then I drove back home to my sweet wife, Jean. I felt a whole lot friendlier towards the whole wide world. May God Bless America and bring us world peace

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Points to Ponder
Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soulSamuel Ullman

A Little Humor
On relationships.  "Old John and I have known each other for all our lives and there's  just nothing that I wouldn't do for Old John. I guess there's just nothing  that Old John wouldn't do for me. And that's the way its been. We've gone through all these years just not doing anything for one another."

If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed. Albert Einstein 

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