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Kalush, Mike

TV engineering.

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WXYZ 2015 Golf Outing

Team Hodak keeps its streak alive at the annual WXYZ Golf outing. Thanks to Jerry and Dave Rexroth for the great weather for the outing.

Megan Saunders, Jayne Hodak Soboleski, Jerry Hodak, Mike Kalush - Photo courtesy of Megan Saunders

Kirk Steve
Kirk Allen, Steve Pellitier - Photo courtesy of Megan Saunders

Jerry and Dave
Jerry Hodak and Dave Rexroth - Photo courtesy of Megan Saunders

Mike Kalush and Chuck Bowman at 1994 Co-worker Party

Mike Kalush and Chuck Bowman
Mike Kalush and Chuck Bowman, 1994 - Original Photo From the Collection of Terry Pochert

Ed Scarth and Mike Kalush

Early photo from the vaults of Channel Seven.  Film crew using 16mm film and sound engineer.

Mike Kalush and Ed Scarth
Ed Scarth and Mike Kalush. Used with permission.  Photo courtesy of Michael A. Kalush (Mike's son).

Herman McKalpain, Mike Kalush, Frank Turner, Chuck Bowman

Herman McKalpain, Mike Kalush, Frank Turner, Chuck Bowman
Herman McKalpain, Mike Kalush, Frank Turner, Chuck Bowman

Mike Kalush and Erik Smith During a Production of a 1992 Promotional Video

It's always a fun time when producing promos.  Many times they are done in one take, other times it might be 10-15 attempts before getting it correct.  Here in 1992, Erik Smith and Mike Kalush are walking through the main garage area at the station's complex in Southfield, Michigan.  You can tell it probably took just one take.

Erik Smith and Mike Kalush
Erik Smith, Mike Kalush

WXYZ Detroit 1992 Erik Smith Promo

Erik Smith, a long time anchor and reporter for WXYZ-TV, Detroit.  Most folks in the Detroit area woke up to hear this familiar face.  Along with many hard news stories, Erik worked hard to bring many feature stories to the Detroit Market.

Erik Smith, Mike Kalush

Here's how WXYZ-TV uses film to keep on top of the news and the rating.

Here's how WXYZ-TV uses film to keep on top of the news and the rating.  In the Detroit market WXYZ-TV's early and late news shows are number one.  A lot of credit goes to film teams headed by Joe Doneth of the News Film Department. - Broadcast Management/Engineer - June, 1976, Page 53 (PDF)

WXYZ - The Good News of Film
Joe Doneth, Mike Kalush, Vince Wade, Bill Hevron and Dean Erskin

Milestone in D minor

'Milestone in D Minor' (September 9, 1968) is a half-hour documentary, in color, about James Frazier, the first Negro to conduct an entire concert with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. Throughout the program, Frazier, in his own words, traces the disappointments and achievements of his musical career."--1968 Peabody Digest. Includes footage of Frazier at the University of Michigan; at the Interlochen Arts Academy, where Eugene Ormandy saw him conduct; playing the piano; and conducting the Detroit Symphony Orchestra in rehearsal and performance. Includes interviews with Doris Lenz, his high school music teacher; and Mischa Mischakoff, concert master of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. On camera and in voiceover, Frazier discusses his academic career, the meaning of 'soul,' and his reasons for wanting to conduct Beethoven's 9th symphony. Also includes footage of Eugene Ormandy, who encouraged Frazier to pursue a career in conducting, with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra.

Credits: Film editor, Dean Erskine; cameramen, Michael Kalush, Ron Little, John Fuller; technical director, Don Farmer; sound, Tom O'Toole, Earl Wilson, Jerry Cell; lighting director, Jim O'Dea; art director, Jack Flechsig; Executive Producer, Arno Marcaccio; In charge of production, Lawrence Einhorn; written by Dave Diles


Mike Kalush, Dianne Farrington-Jones and Jerry Stanecki

Mike Kalush, Dianne Farmington-Jones, Jerry Stanecki
Mike Kalush, Dianne Farrington-Jones and Jerry Stanecki

1988 Democratic National Convention - WXYZ Team - July 20, 1988

1988 Democratic Naitonal Convention - WXYZ-TV News Team
Greg Karrer, Walter Kraft, Bill Bonds, John Fuller and Mike Kalush - Enjoying a break from a hectic day. - Photo by Terry Pochert 
1988 Democratic National Convention - WXYZ Team - July 20, 1988

Hines Park Reunion Photo with Mike Kalush, Vince Wade and John Fuller

Photo by Bob Giles - Used with Permission
Mike Kalush, Vince Wade and John Fuller

Mike Kalush, Vince Wade, John Fuller

WXYZ Ski Trip

WXYZ ski trip.

WXYZ Ski Trip
Patty Hensley-MacLeod, Mike Taylor, unknown, unknown, Marsha Walton, Vince Wade (back), Joyce Golden (front), unknown, Cindy, Joe Kirik, Mike Kalush, Chuck Bowman, unknown,


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Dying To Be Happy: Discovering the Truth About Life

Dying to be Happy - Chris Stepien

A few days before Thanksgiving 2014, author Chris Stepien found himself in an oncologist s office. But he wasn't the patient. Stepien's wife, Ellen, was just beginning her battle with aggressive breast cancer. That day, while listening to the oncologist's treatment strategy, Stepien began writing Dying to Be Happy: Discovering the Truth About Life.

In the pages of this book, a brush with a life-threatening disease sparks a frank discussion on mortality. The author explores the prospects of embracing death on a daily basis versus denying it. He encourages readers to follow the advice of Jesus Christ: always be ready for the end of life. Along the way, Stepien highlights a spectrum of short, true stories where people rise above the fear of death, including the harrowing account of a child who survived the Holocaust -- Stepien's own mother.

But Dying to Be Happy is more than an anthology of grim tales and close calls. It beckons readers to admit the inescapability of death in order to find true joy in this life and the next.

Good Morning Detroit - The Kelly & Company Story

Good Morning DetroitJohn Kelly and Marilyn Turner, Detroit's first couple of television, give us a rare glimpse into their private lives. Here you'll peek beneath the facade of the local celebrities and read their personal account, a story that is sometimes shocking, sometimes poignant, always honest and revealing. They speak of their early lives, their broken marriages, the ratings battles of the 60s and early 70s , the inside story of one of the most talked about Detroit romances as it blossomed between one of the city's hottest news anchors and its well-known weather girl.

History of Detroit Television, The - DVD

The History of Detroit TelevisionMichael Collins; Actor, Director; Scott Kemp, Director

The History of Detroit Television is more than just a film. It's a living museum, a monument to a time that could easily be forgotten. This program is a salute to a time when TV was as local as Vernors, Sanders Hot Fudge and Hudsons. The stars of the day were Soupy Sales, Van Patrick, Lou Gordon, George Pierrot, Bill Kennedy, Milky The Clown and a host of other colorful characters.

Horn Man: The Polish-American Musician in Twentieth-Century Detroit

Horn ManDetroit and its strong Polish community share in America's rich history of Polish music and customs. This work documents that history and details the development of the Polish-American musicians in Detroit who became known as polka musicians, even though their music was very diversified.

There Was A Time by George Burlbaugh

There Was A TimeMy involvement with television and television news began more than a half century ago, almost by accident. Out of High School, I installed tv antennas, went to Korea in communication intelligence and ended up a tv news director and network news producer. This is a look back at some of the things I remember best.




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