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FuelMaker/IMPCO Announce New Warranty Policy and Price Changes on Electronics Modules

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Fuel Systems Solutions

On July 2nd FuelMaker announced changes to its warranties.  Compressors will no longer be pro-rated byhours used and the warranty will no longer cover any mileage, shipping or labor costs. New equipment will be covered for 1 year and compressors in new units will be covered for 1500 hours of operation. Rebuilt parts will be covered for 3 months and rebuilt compressors will be covered for 12 months or 1000 hours. FuelMaker will no longer include any travel, mileage, labor or shipping in the warranty coverage. All electronics modules are now increasing in price, from $153.00 to $413.00 over previous price depending on model.

FuelMaker/ IMPCO/BRC Announces Manufacturing Date

FuelMaker recently announced new production of their complete line of new fueling equipment will begin in Italy at BRC in 2010. Fuel Systems Solutions is currently setting up manufacturing for FuelMaker equipment at its subsidiary BRC in Italy and will be distributed to its USA dealer network through subsidiary IMPCO Technologiesin Detroit. FSS recently acquired FuelMaker from the bankruptcy court in Toronto, Canada

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