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Smith, Bryan

Bryan was the videographer that flew with the helicopter pilot, Dennis Neubacher.

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    The guy with the eye in the sky


    The Detroit Free Press writer, Joel Thurtell, on June 3, 2007, writes, "A helicopter pilot with acrophobia? A flyboy who can't stand at the edge of a tall building without panicking?

    This is Dennis Neubacher, helicopter pilot extraordinaire, former traffic reporter for WJR-AM who now does the morning drive-time report for Channel 7.

    Despite his fear of heights, he's never been afraid to go up in an airplane or helicopter. And he's been known to cure at least one person of his fear of falling. ...."


    • The Detroit Free Press - June 3, 2007 (PDF)

    WXYZ-TV News Helicopter

    Piloted by Dennis Neubacher, videographer was Bryan Smith.

    WXYZ Chopper 7
    Piloted by Dennis Neubacher, videographer was Bryan Smith
    Courtesy of National E-N-G Helicopter Association

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