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Talking Christmas Tree
The Santa Train by Art Fettig [Kindle]
Hobby Lobby DOES NOT Represent My Religious Freedom
Crozier, Robert - 'Bob'
Pearson, Eddy
Till, Beverly
Vince Wade Remembers and Comments on the Legacy of Bill Bonds
Walker, Carmen
Little, Ron
Top Stories - No. 2 Gay Marriage Legal In Arizona
Conway, Mary
Share, Ruth
Schmeichel, Joan
Email Marketing Rules: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Best Practices that Power Email Marketing Success
Realizing your Mortality can Break down Barriers in a Hurry
Shabluk, Tammy
Phoenix Public Market
Santa Train
Greenberg, Shelly
Zampa, Chris
The Santa Train by Art Fettig
Kraft, Walter
Kalush, Mike
Remembering Bill Bonds by Dave LewAllen
Port Hope, Michigan - Filling the Silos at the Lawrence Pochert Farm
Executive Order Auditing Government Contracts
National Adoption Day is a Celebration of True Joy
Michigan Hate and Discrimination
Whatever Happened?
Shaffe, Nima
WXYZ-TV Playback Editing
Durrschmidt, Ed - Eddie
Early Newsroom of WXYZ-TV, Detroit, Michigan
Maricopa Traffic - Phoenix / Casa Grande Area
Scientific Proof that 'Faking it until you make it' Actually Works
Earthquakes in Arizona?
Nemeth, Dave
Blake Petersen Presented at Adult Open Forum
Agent Orange Documentation - Circular FM Antenna Radiation Field Strength Details
Giving Thanks has its own Rewards
Teaching and Learning
Echo Magazine - A Faith-Fueled Fight by Liz Massey
HPSCI - House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
Skladd, Kristen
Aging by Fritz Coleman
State Route 347 at Union Pacific Railroad
Arizona Files Appeal To Overturn Ruling That Gays Can Marry
Let's Stop Meeting Like This: Tools to Save Time and Get More Done
Our Annual Lefse Sales
Timeless Wisdom from a Long Time Baseball Executive
Glass, Pete
Traveling Abroad With A Camera
Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court
Resendez, MaryEllen
Doc 93 - Notice of Appeal
Just a Few of the Legendary Videographers from WXYZ
Petroleum Refining in Nontechnical Language, Fourth Edition [Hardcover] by William Leffler
Clark and David Featured on Arizona's Why Marriage Matters
Hebert, Lou
Tempe, Tucson and Phoenix Receive Perfect Scores by the Human Rights Campaign
Crime Mapping in Some Neighborhoods
Adams, Kim
President Geroge H.W. and Barbara Bush on the Campaign Trail for Re-Election
Detroit's Sports Broadcasters: On the Air [Images of Sports: Michigan] Paperback
Observing Myself
Early Days at Channel Seven with Chuck Bowman
Reflections from a Grateful Veteran
Pinal County Election Results
Chuck Bowman - Early Film at WXYZ-TV
Corbus, Fred
Website Tools
Call Recorder
Online PDF Form Filler
Adderley, Larry
Adoption for Same-Sex Couples in Arizona
It's President Obama's Fault
Turn It Up! American Radio Tales 1946-1996
Abrams, Lee
A Light Weight Biased Interview by Lin Sue Cooney - Hate in Arizona
Santa Cruz Commerce Center
Novack, Michael A.
Lane, Drew
Colorado, You Have No Body To Blame Except Yourself
Adoption in Arizona - Now what?
An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States [Revisioning American History] Hardcover
Mens Arizona Cardinals Carson Palmer Nike Black Game Jersey by Nike
Tempe Resident? Help Us Compost Our Community Garden
A Letter from Fred DuVal to Supporters, Volunteers and Donors
The Unemployment Rate Falls to Lowest Rate in 6 Years
Berman, Mike
A Football Star Who Has His Priorities in Order
Thomas, Steve
Arizona and the Navajo Nation
Katz, Morris 'Morrie'
Vericker, Cliff
Navajo Nation's Marriage Ban May Change
Look at that Leg Room
Spills and Spin: The Inside Story of BP [Paperback]
Arizona Laws Stigmatize LGBT People in the Classroom
Good News
CBS5 Reports on Same-sex Couple Adoption with Kevin Patterson and David Lawrence-Patterson
Benjamin Disraeli (Jewish Encounters) Hardcover
Valley Fever
How to Become a Veterinarian: A Complete Guide to Fulfilling Your Dream Paperback
New Radio Telescope at Kitt Peak, Arizona
Solar Prominences (Astrophysics and Space Science Library)
Android Ad Celebrating Diversity
Flu Quarantine Period
Why Go Lutheran?
Parental Advice from a Mother Who Lost an Eight Year Old Daughter
Because You Care
Doc 92 - Notice of Withdrawal of Co-counsel.
LCM Trek Out to Schneph Farms
AZ Daily Sun: A Matter of Rights
Arizona Lawsuit Documents - Timeline
Thank You Supporters
Arizona Judicial Review
Are You A Thrivent Member?
Droze, Rachel
Echo Magazine's Photos from Decision Day - October 17, 2014
A Version of the KKK Raises It's Ugly Head in Backwards Arizona
First Pinal CountyCouple With Same-sex License
The Fight Will Continue
Another Case of Kindness Creating More Kindness
The New Air Conditioning Unit
Maricopa Monitor Highlights Joe and Terry Along With First Couple in Pinal County
Our news coverage, TV and Press is a Mess
AFER: Three More States Just Won Marriage Equality
Lives changed in an instant
It's Over: Couples in Lawsuit Elated
Phoenix New Times Coverage of the Celebration
Penascos Mexican Restaurant
Area couple at heart of ruling
Local Couple At Heart of Legal Fight In Arizona
Same sex marriage in Arizona; judge's decision expected soon
We Won - Press Release
Arizona Episcopal Diocese Blesses Same-sex Marriages
Same-Sex Marriage Advocates Celebrate Judge's Ruling
A Wedding with Friends - Intrinsic Imagery - JJ Johnson
The DECISION by Judge Sedwick
Robin and Renee Reece Celebrate at Gathering
HRC Blog - Marriage Equality Coming to Arizona
CBS News Live Cut-In on Decision Date
Tom Horne/s Letter to the Clerk of the Court
The Advocate - Arizona Now Has Marriage Equality
Art Fettig - Frank Sinatra Sweats
Defendants File Final Brief
News Clips from and for our Clients

Talking Christmas Tree
Talking Christmas TreeI know Joyce  Kilmer’s wonderful poem ends with, “Poems are made by fools like me, but only God can make a tree,” but this morning I was remembering how one day I made what might have been the world’s first talking Christmas tree. In 1973 our Santa Train was a huge success for Grand Trunk Western Railroad and so I was fishing for an idea that would add some special fun for children visiting the train. I looked around my cluttered office for inspiration and saw a speaker I wasn’t using. I put on my jacket and headed for the Salvation Army Retail Store where I picked up a small used artificial Christmas tree with a stand. Then I stopped at the drug store and bought a roll of cotton. I rushed back to my office and put the speaker on the floor, covered it with a bed of cotton and then found a lavaliere mike I wasn't using and clipped it to the tree. I hooked it all up with an amp.  When we set it up on the first coach of the Santa Train tree we ran lines to a small room at the back of the gutted coach not far from the tree.  We had a two way speaker system and Mrs. Burdakin and the other ladies would take turns being the voice of the tree. Thousands visited our Santa Train each year and kids loved that talking tree. I was amply rewarded with all those smiles and the laughter. 

The Santa Train by Art Fettig [Kindle]
The Christmas Train by Art FettigOnce upon a time, there was a worn out locomotive that nobody seemed to care about. Except maybe Charlie Weller, who was an old retired railroad engineer. And maybe nobody cared about old Charlie anymore either. At least it often seemed that way to Charlie. He had little to do but sit around and remember the good old days when he would run that ancient train up and down the tracks hauling freight.

Hobby Lobby DOES NOT Represent My Religious Freedom

FreedomIt's a shame that a small group of religious zealots claim they speak for all Christians.  Christians who believe in religious freedom and the rights of the individual.  The writers of our US Constitution would be appauld on how these freedoms have been twisted.

Crozier, Robert - 'Bob'

TV engineering. Video tape supervisor.

Pearson, Eddy

TV sales.

Till, Beverly

TV sales service.

Vince Wade Remembers and Comments on the Legacy of Bill Bonds

Bill Bonds - Photo by Terry PochertVince Wade, a long-time investigated reporter with WXYZ-TV and friend of Bill Bonds, writes a very heart-felt commentary on Bill Bonds.  Thousands of comments have been posted about Bill, but not hit home as hard as Vince's message. 

Walker, Carmen

TV news.

Little, Ron

TV engineering, videographer.

Top Stories - No. 2 Gay Marriage Legal In Arizona

Year in ReviewIn October, Arizona joined the historic tide of states legalizing the unions of same-sex couples, expanding gay rights in a direction many never thought they would see in their lifetimes.

Conway, Mary

Mary ConwayTV news reporter.

Share, Ruth

Action bureau.

Schmeichel, Joan

Action bureau.

Email Marketing Rules: A Step-by-Step Guide to the Best Practices that Power Email Marketing Success

Email Marketing RulesEmail marketing offers unparalleled reach, acceptance, and effectiveness. It’s also a well-established channel with well-defined behaviors and norms. Email Marketing Rules is your guide to understanding the best practices of this complex, often misunderstood channel as you craft the best executions for your brand.

After breaking email marketing down into 120 easy-to-understand rules, Chad White then reassembles them around key concepts and principles, including how to…

  • Secure the right level of permission to maximize acquisition efforts while protecting your sender reputation
  • Create relevant messaging using savvy design techniques and smart targeting
  • Optimize list growth by finding and retaining high-value subscribers
  • Maximize subscriber lifetime value by addressing their needs during all six stages of the subscriber lifecycle
  • Maintain stellar deliverability by understanding your responsibilities and those of your ESP

Realizing your Mortality can Break down Barriers in a Hurry

HugsRecently I had to go to a hospital twice daily to receive an infusion of an antibiotic. On one occasion there was a man receiving a blood transfusion who was also going through chemotherapy. His wife was there with him. There was also another woman who was receiving a blood transfusion who was also going through chemotherapy. The two were exchanging stories about their experiences fighting cancer when the woman, who was seated next to me, started to cry. The man’s wife immediately got up from her chair and gave the woman a hug. She then proceeded to give me a hug as well. At this point, a nurse walked in and said, “What is going on?” I responded with, “Love, that’s what’s going on!” The nurse smiled and said, “How wonderful!” The four of us had known each other for less than ten minutes and we were already exchanging hugs. 

Shabluk, Tammy


Phoenix Public Market

Phoenix Public MarketThe Open Air Market at the Phoenix Public Market is a program of Community Food Connections (CFC), a 501c3 non-profit organization. CFC creates a downtown community gathering place by supporting small farmers and businesses that strengthen sustainable food systems and produce healthy products for the local community. 

We are located next to the Phoenix Public Market Cafe.

Santa Train

Santa TrainI believe it was back around 1972 that I first came up with the idea for a Santa Train for the Grand Trunk Western Railroad.  I was their employee communications officer and we were looking for ways to bring top management and the workers closer together and eliminate the awful feeling they all had about each other.

After talking with Paul Dessinger at the DT&I about a few of the folks trimming up a caboose and taking some orphans on a train ride my mind took a hitchhike on something much more elaborate, a Santa Train on Grand Trunk and I submitted the idea to John H. Burdakin who was then Vice President of Operations. My idea was to put a special train together and take it from city to city on the Grand Trunk. Have several coaches the employees and their whole families could walk through meeting the top executives of our railroad together with their families. Our goal was for every employee to have the opportunity to shake hands with the top boss and for the top boss to meet every employee and their families.  Of course everyone would meet Santa Claus too and get presents.

A while later I got a call from John Burdakin inviting me to attend a meeting at headquarters. They were calling in everyone that might make the Santa Train idea come true. I believe that was 1972 and recently I googled Santa Train and discovered that the Santa Train is still running. Grand Trunk has become CN/IC, that is Canadian National/Illinois Central and the Santa Train is making stops at both railroads with several on the old Detroit Toledo and Ironton too. There is nothing as powerful as an idea who’s time has come.

Greenberg, Shelly

TV Engineer, Editing.

Zampa, Chris

TV traffic.

On Becoming a GuruOn Becoming A Guru $.99 ( Kindle) - If you've ever wondered about how management and self-help gurus and high powered motivational speakers became rich and famous, then this is the book for you. At this playful book's center is the story of Tom Paxton, a self-described guru groupie, who decides he wants to become a guru -- he wants to travel around the world flying first class, staying in five-star hotels and have enraptured audiences hang on his every word. By flattering a famous guru, Tom manages to get an invitation to attend a secret guru academy called the Guru Institute where many gurus get their training. This is where the fun begins.  SHOP CONNERT MEDIA

Beyond Duh! by Art FettigBeyond Duh by Art Fettig $10 (PDF Download) - A book for everyone who ever had a great idea! - Motivational Humorist, Author, Speaker, Song Writer, Bongo Drummer, Art Fettig has been using his creativity and humor to improve management and worker performance  for major corporations and associations throughout North America for over half a century. SHOP CONNERT MEDIA

The Dog Food Book

The Dog Food Book $10 (PDF Download) - Now in its 5th Edition, The Dog Food Book contains 73 of the best articles on dog food and nutrition from the pages of Good Dog! magazine. All have been re-edited and updated to include the latest scientific knowledge. Plus you'll get more than 65 updated dog food test reports! Whether you're buying dog food or selling it, you need this 177-page book! SHOP CONNERT MEDIA

Platinum Rull by Art Fettig

Thousands have read it.  Thousands of people have been changed by it.  It's now available again as an electronic book.

If you believe that by giving, you also receive, then this is a book that will explain how to "kick it up a notch".  The idea behind the platinum rule is really quite simple, but must be adhered to in the manner described. Try it and see what happens! 

Author's Dedication: To all of the wonderful people I've met who have already discovered the awesome power of The Platinum Rule by practicing it in their lives.  And to all those who will discover The Platinum Rule and have the courage and the heart to practice it.

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