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Examining my life

Art and Jean FettigIn 1948 I went to work for the Grand Trunk Railroad in Detroit. Then in 1951 I was drafted into the U.S. Army and sent to Korea as a combat rifleman. I was wounded in combat and awarded a Purple Heart. When I returned to the railroad in 1953 I was given a low grade management job. I married and we had children and then  In 1961 I was transferred to Battle Creek, Michigan.  Then in 1972 a new vice president recognized my creative talents and I was named Corporate Employee Communications Officer. Few years later I was promoted to Corporate Communications Officer. 

In 1983 I retired and formed my own corporation, Growth Unlimited', with the corporate slogan, “Touching Peoples Lives.” My goal was to follow wherever my muse might lead me.  I gave myself the freedom to do whatever I felt I wanted to do.  To write whatever I felt like writing; to find clients and give speeches on whatever topic I felt like pursuing.  First I did humor banquets. Then a friend told me that if I could include something on increasing sales I could immediately double my fee.  I became “Mr. Lucky of the American Platform.”  Sure enough, I doubled my fee and then I doubled it again….and again. I wrote books…first "Selling Lucky" and then "Selling Luckier Yet".  I wrote a series of Lucky Ideas for a magazine and then one day at a Success Rally where I shared a stage with many of my heroes in the positive thinking field I realized that what we were doing was instant rehab for people who had somehow messed up their lives, perhaps with alcohol or drugs or people who had just gone through a divorce or maybe bankruptcy. And I had the idea how wonderful it might be if we could somehow teach children and their parents to become winners in life by reading my books and listening to our cassette tapes.  I wrote The Three Robot Series of books and we created tapes and I went to schools and spoke for teachers and parents and students from kindergarten to grade 12. I even spoke to students at Notre Dame. I followed my muse and some called me The Wizard of Pos.

In 1975 I joined the National Speakers Association and it enabled me to associate with some of the most brilliant and successful people in the world. It changed my life and instantly broadened my horizons. 

I never went to college but my goal was to learn something new every day. Never had a business plan.  I had an accountant who managed my stuff and made out my taxes.  I kept writing books, generally at least one a year and sometimes two or three.  We did O.K.  I didn’t have any grand ideas about making a fortune as some of my speaker friends did, still I made more money than we needed. 

In 1988 I spoke at the National Safety Council and one of my clients tagged me as The Art of Safety. My clients that followed that exposure at their major annual meetings included General Motors, Toyota, some pharmaceutical corporations and then a long string of power companies and petrol companies.  I wrote a bunch of books on corporate safety and turned out a lot of safety booklets for workers.  

1n 2002 The National Safety Council presented me with their Distinguished Service to Safety Award which is their highest award given to an individual.  My work in the Safety Field had improved the safety records of many, many corporations. They said that a whole lot of workers were not injured on the job because of my efforts. 

Along the way I was widowed, moved to Hillsborough, North Carolina and married a real “Southern Lady” where I’m living happily ever after, still following my muse, doing what I feel like doing and still intent on touching people’s lives in a positive way. 

What are my words of wisdom for somebody just starting out?  Don’t let greed become your master. It takes away all the fun.  Give to get. But do not give to get something in return, that isn’t giving, that’s trading.  Learn to give for the pure joy of giving. That is the secret to happiness and the pursuit of happiness makes for a pretty rewarding life. 


Student Desks - Art FettigWilliam Glasser claims that  we learn 10% of what we read, 20% of what we hear, 30% of what we see, 50% of what we see and hear, 70% of what we discuss, 80% of what we experience and 95% of what we teach others.

Bob Baker and Cheryl Chodun Editing

Bob Baker and Cheryl Chodun Editing at WXYZ-TVTeamwork always the scene when working at WXYZ-TV.

Nurses are the Closest Things We have to Angels here on Earth

NursingI know many of you may feel that mothers are the closest things we have to angels here on earth and you’re right; but mothers have a vested interest in their children. Nurses, on the other hand, have a job to do with no vested interest in their patients—they do what they do because they care. I just spent six days in a hospital because of an infected toe. My room was small with no windows and I was hooked up to an IV pump the whole time. The care I got from these nurses was fantastic. They were all kind, caring, loving and encouraging. Some were quick witted and they all had a great sense of humor. Furthermore, I wasn’t the only one getting this wonderful level of care. I could hear the same level of care being administered up and down the floor. Some of these patients were very sick and some were crabby, but that didn’t stop these nurses from cheerfully doing their thing. So, if you want to see some real live angels in action here on earth, all you have to do is visit a hospital and look around. These angels spend their entire day making the world a better place and I, for one, am thankful they’re here.


Maslow's Hierarchy of NeedsIn the great musical, Fiddler On The Roof, Tevia the philosopher explains a summary of total beliefs when he says, “Life is like a fiddler on a roof trying to eke out a simple tune while simultaneously hanging onto the roof to keep from falling.”

When I studied human behaviorist, Alexander Maslow’s, Hierarchy Of Needs, I learned about motivation and why people do things. Maslow explains with a pyramid. At the base of that pyramid are the survival needs, such as food, shelter, clothing and sex.

The cave man and woman were kept pretty busy just filling those basic needs. After all, that was where most of the action was. Eventually the cave man got smart and said to himself “Himself, it would sure be nice if I could get my food, shelter, clothing without getting all scratched up. And the same with sex. Some of those women fight back and get ugly.” 

And so man climbed up to that second step on the pyramid of needs and that was the need for safety. Now let me explain before we go any further that whenever one of the needs that is lower on the pyramid is threatened or not filled then the lower need becomes the real, prominent motivation.

Once the safety need is met, we move up to man’s need for acceptance by his peers. He wants to be one of the guys. A woman wants to be accepted too. With acceptance we move up to the need of self-esteem. We want to feel good about ourselves and about what we are doing.

At the top of Maslow’s pyramid comes what he calls self-actualization. I like to think of self-actualization as the point where you have discovered your special talents and you have taken the time and effort to sharpen your talents, to hone your skills and you commit your time to using your blessings for the good of all humankind.

It is singing your song and letting that special music inside you come out. 

Then someone said that the greatest tragedy that could come to a man is for him to die with his song unsung, with that music still inside him.

Now what I believe Tevia was saying was that we are all fiddlers on the roof and we are all trying to make beautiful music on our violins, but that life is not easy and we must take care of all of our other needs. So we spend most of our time just hanging onto the roof for survival.

If there is one thing I have learned in my years of striving to make beautiful music in my life it is this: You can’t make music unless you have the courage to take chances and let go of the roof.

I also learned that you fall off the roof now and then and sometimes you get hurt and you’ll feel a lot of pain.

But I’ve also learned that it is worth it,

If you hope to soar, then you have to let go. An abundant life demands letting go and soaring with the eagles.

Why We Support Hilliary Clinton - A Fair Tax System

Making sure the wealthy, Wall Street, and corporations pay their fair share in taxes.

It’s outrageous that multi-millionaires and billionaires are allowed to play by a different set of rules than hardworking families, especially when it comes to paying their fair share of taxes. - Hillary, January 11, 2016

Hillary Clinton believes that we need an economy that works for everyone, not just those at the top. But when it comes to taxes, too often the wealthiest and the largest corporations are playing by a different set of rules than hardworking families.

Hillary is committed to restoring basic fairness in our tax code and ensuring that the wealthiest Americans and large corporations pay their fair share, while providing tax relief to working families. That’s not only fair, it’s good for economic growth, because she will use the proceeds to create good-paying jobs here in America—and make bold investments that leave our economy more competitive over the long run.

Trump Surrogate Betsy McCaughey Stuns Sally Kohn with Stupidity

Sally Kohn is literally SPEECHLESS after listening to her ridiculous "Word Salad." The normally vocal and articulate Kohn CAN'T FORM A SENTENCE FOR FIVE SECONDS. In this HEATED EXCHANGE, Betsy McCaughey shows us that she is either the dumbest Trump Surrogate on the planet or knows more than all of us; I think it's the former. She spins an inconceivably stupid explanation for Trumps horrible "Grab 'em by the Pussy" comment from the 2005 Access Hollywood interview. And seems to be completely immune from facts or truth. The moderator plays a Trump interview from 1998 where he calls the Clinton accusers unattractive and wrong for what they are doing.

An Important Life Lesson from Losing a Son

Phil ReckMy son Phil passed away two years ago on September 30. Yesterday would have been his 40th birthday. He was a wonderful guy with a quick wit, big heart and a great sense of humor. He has been sorely missed by everyone who knew him. I feel very fortunate that the last words spoken between him, his mother and I before we left on vacation were, “I love you.” This doesn’t make the pain of his loss any easier, but it does make it less hard. Think of how badly his mother and I would have felt if there had been cross words spoken between us or, worse yet, if we weren’t on speaking terms. The pain of his loss would have been so much greater. I would like this to be Phil’s continuing legacy: If you any have strained relationships with people you love, fix them while you still have the chance. As Phil’s passing illustrates, life can turn on a dime and you may not have that opportunity if you wait.


Driving in the fog..We were driving to Metro Airport in Detroit from a visit to Battle Creek and fog set in. At first there were other cars in front and in back of me and with that group around me visibility really wasn't a problem.  Then the cars in front pulled off and as I drove ahead it became a little different.  There were some cars behind me and they allowed me to stay in front.  I was sort of in a role of leadership you might say.  I began to feel responsible for those behind and wondering what might lie ahead.  I slowed down to sixty.  Those behind me slowed down.  For no reason I began thinking about how driving in fog is a lot like other things that happen in life.  How we confront new challenges and some pitfalls and how we aren't certain which course to take or what move to make next. On that drive I never lost my way. Just before we arrived at the airport the fog slowly lifted.  I felt so relieved. 

I must admit that when I got out front I did say a prayer or two for insight and focus and for wisdom too.  I do that a lot when I feel that I might lose my way. 

Just now I checked my computer and found something I had saved about fog several years ago.

"A fog covering seven city blocks is composed of 1 glass of water. According to the Bureau of Standards in Washington, a dense fog covering seven city blocks to a depth of 100 feet is composed of less than one glass of water. That amount of water is divided into about 60 billion tiny droplets. Yet when those minute particles settle over a city or the countryside, they can almost blot out everything from sight."

It reminded me of many times in my life when I felt a tinge of fear, anxiety, just unsure of the way and how my doubt turned out to be just about like that one glass of water. And it made me all that much more grateful that I had that Higher Power to turn to for the vision and the insight and the focus to carry on.

e-Alert: Hurricane Matthew

StormYour gifts are needed now for Hurricane Matthew. Your support through Lutheran Disaster Response will bring God’s hope and healing to those who have been or will be affected by this hurricane. Our response already spans across several countries. Together, we will work with trusted partners and companion churches that know the communities well and are preparing recovery efforts. Although the hurricane has not yet reached the U.S. coast, Lutheran Disaster Response coordinators are collaborating with local community leaders, civic organizations, ecumenical partners and officials to begin planning the proper response. 

The storm is not over. You can help now. Gifts designated for “Hurricane Matthew” will be used in full (100 percent) until the response is complete to help disaster survivors recover and rebuild.

Find A Doctor


Founded in 2000, MDVIP brings personalized, primary care to life by providing every patient with the highest level of care from some of the nation’s finest doctors. Our program emphasizes preventive care with the help and guidance of your private MDVIP-affiliated doctor who is there to offer one-on-one support whenever you need it. 

The LIES of Pence during the Vice Presidential Debate

Is Pence trying to save his butt by covering up what Trump has said?

A Mexican Thing

During the vice presidential debate last night on October 4, 2006, many folks couldn't believe they heard the following exchange: 

Kaine: "When Donald Trump says women should be punished, that Mexicans are rapists and criminals, he is showing you who he is."

Pence: "Senator, you whipped out that Mexican thing again."

That Mexican thing? Calling Americans "rapists and criminals" is a "Mexican thing?"

Pence was defending the indefensible last night. Donald Trump has spent a year vilifying Latinos, Muslims, Women and even Gold Star Families. It might be easier to tally up the groups Trump hasn't gone after this year.

Hate speech and bigotry isn't just some tactic or political game. It's dangerous and a real threat to our democracy.

A Role Model for Extending a Helping Hand

SandwichA friend of mine told me about this story which was posted on Facebook last March. Since then it has been shared more than 30,000 times and received more than 1,500 comments. Cesia Abigail is the 25-year-old owner of Abi’s Café, an El Salvadoran restaurant in Minneapolis. One day, a street person named Marcus walked into her restaurant begging for money. Instead of giving it to him, Ms. Abigail asked why he didn’t have a job. He said he had a lot of felonies and no one wanted to hire him so he had to beg and steal to get money. Despite the fact that her restaurant was not doing well at the time she said, “If you want a job, I have one for you.” He said, “I’ll do anything for food.” She offered him a job washing dishes for two hours a day. As Marcus was putting on an apron, she gave him a sandwich. The first thing he did was wrap half of it in foil, walked outside and gave it to a homeless woman on the street. His comment was, “I know she’s hungry.” After Ms. Abigail posted a photo of Marcus washing dishes on Facebook, she received lots of inquiries from other people wanting to help. In addition, the publicity that has accompanied Marcus’ story has caused her business to flourish. What’s so ironic about this story is the day Marcus walked into her restaurant, things were not going well and she was considering giving up on her dream. Still, she offered to help Marcus in the small way that she could and quickly found herself on the receiving end of a huge helping hand that she desperately needed. What the world needs are more people like Cesia Abigail who have the faith to extend a helping hand without knowing what the outcome will be.

If you would like to read more about this amazing story either go to Abi’s Café on Facebook or the following article by Laura Bult which appeared in the New York Daily News.


Old PhonesHuh? A guy calls the local airport and asks “How long does it take to fly to Detroit?”  The clerk says, “Just a moment.” and the guy says, “Thank you." and hangs up.

Everybody seems to be in such a hurry these days that there just doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of real communicating going on. 

I was about to type “People just don’t listen these days.”  Then I gave it some thought.  Who am I to be writing such a thing as that?  I’ve always been a rotten listener and I realize that I am getting worse at it. Some things I don’t hear these days. Some things I unconsciously “selectively” don’t hear.  I have this hearing disability whereby I don’t hear some things I don’t want to hear.  There seems to be a lot of that going around. In fact, I do believe there are more and more people these days who do not listen to their conscience and even more who are deaf and blind when it comes to using  their good sense. 

If you have ever been a parent then you know that “DAH!”  look you get back from your children when you try to tell them something they don’t want to hear. Especially teenagers. Today that "teenagers" means children over ten or even nine. In their own mind kids nine or ten consider themselves teenagers and teenagers consider themselves young adults. Me?  At 87 I consider myself middle aged. It’s all in the way you look at it.  Moses was 120 when he died.  Now I’m not Moses but I’m not dead yet either. And I’m not stone deaf. It’s just that I don’t hear some things, especially when my mind is preoccupied and that is most of the time because I turn a lot of stuff over to my subconscious mind to work on and I’m often receiving answers which I called for from my subconscious and if you happen to try to tap in on my conscious mind just when I am getting a delivery I might try to wave you off.  I might just hold up my hands face outward and if you’d don’t happen to be looking my way you might not realize that your communication to me is not getting through.  I can’t help that.  I’m not responsible if you don’t realize you didn’t get through to me.  Maybe you should weave in some test questions when you think you are communicating, and if all you get back is a “Dah!” look then you will make a note go over that topic a while later when I look more receptive or perhaps send me an e-mail to remind me. 

So while we are on the subject, “How long does it take to fly to Detroit?”  Well, if you take Southwest for the good rates you will first have to fly to Chicago and change planes.  Then it depends on how long you have to wait in Chicago for your connection and if you get out on time. 

There are just no easy answers these days when it comes to communicating.

The Debate - Fact Checking Web Sites

Hillary Clinton said of Donald Trump: “I think Donald just criticized me for preparing for this debate. And, yes, I did. And you know what else I prepared for? I prepared to be president. And I think that’s a good thing.”

One Action—Meaningful Impact!

Mike, Neighbor of Ross ReckMike, a neighbor of mine, who lives on the street just north of me has been retired for some time. He takes his dog for long walks at least three times a day. Not long ago, I noticed that he was carrying a bag containing aluminum cans that he had picked up during his walk. I thought, “What a nice thing to do while you’re walking.” This past Saturday I was standing in my driveway when he walked by carrying four huge bags of cans. I said to him, “You found all those cans during your walk?” He said, “No, the people on my route save them for me.” He went on to tell me that he sells the cans to a recycler for $1.00 per pound and donates the money to an animal rescue shelter. Last year he raised $1,100.00 through his efforts. It takes 25 cans to make a pound of aluminum. That means he collected at least 27,500 cans during his walks. It’s interesting to think of the multiple impact of Mike’s actions:

  • He was healthier.
  • His dog was happy and healthy.
  • The neighborhood looks better.
  • The environment was improved.
  • Numerous animals were cared for and found loving homes.

Mike took the simple act of taking a walk and turned it into an activity that had a meaningful and multi-dimension impact.

Celebrating Eighty

Cake with Candles - Stephanie McCabeI figure that the only reason I have lived to celebrate my 80th birthday is the fact that in 1954 I quit my three packs a day cigarette smoking habit and then in 1961 I gave up alcohol.  I figure either one of those habits might have done me in. Now my addiction seems to be writing. It was wonderful having all my family together and nice to share with them my new book The Old Man and the CD.  In Battle Creek we had loads of illegal fireworks and a couple of the hot air balloons swooped down low to wave to our party and signal the ending of an awesome day. Bring on another challenging decade, I'm ready. 

How To Turn An Adversary Into An Ally

Ross ReckHave you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to work with someone that you really didn’t like, or worse yet, someone you absolutely detested?  The solution to a situation like this lies in the Abraham Lincoln quote, “I don’t like this person, I think I need to get to know him better.” 

Donald Trump Condescending Towards Women - Katy Tur

The presidential hopeful has insulted reporter Katy Tur on national TV, called her names during interviews, and made his campaign seemingly impossible to cover. Here, her no-holds-barred account of trailing the most unlikely candidate in GOP history.

The Use of Poetry

Writing PoetryI heard this question the other day and it stuck in my mind. “Art, you have been writing poetry since you were thirteen years old.  What good has it done?”

I’ve given that a lot of thought lately. My brother-in-law Jack Monahan was a builder.  He could drive anywhere in the Detroit area and show me a building or a hospital or a special home and point to it and say, “I was in on building that building.”  Even a plumber could show me the buildings he’d plumbed.  A roadbuilder could take me for a ride on the highway he’d helped create.  A high school teacher could show me year books of the students she’d taught.  But a poem?

I’ve distributed many thousands of my poems at my presentations but I wonder how many have made it past the first waste basket they encountered.

I’ve closed most of my speeches with my poems and most folks have applauded and some even stood on their feet.

Others have read my poems to their listeners on radio and TV, sometimes to audience of several million but what good did that do?  I haven’t a clue.

A few of my poems have been published in the books of others. Some magazines have published my poems. But what good has all of the above done?

It is difficult to explain why things are written but I must admit that I had no choice but to write those many books and poems and newsletters and endless ideas that have passed through my mind onto paper.  I’m a writer.  That is what I do.  I’m a speaker. I’ve been giving speeches since the late 1960’s. Thousands.

I have no choice in this matter of capturing thoughts on paper and sharing them.  That’s who I am and how I function.  And here is a little secret.  I write because I must. The real joy to this writing thing is in the actual doing.  Anything that happens after the writing is either the price or the joy or pure gravy. 

Here’s a little poem I wrote recently following a group poetry recitation.  

Poetry Reading   Art Fettig

One lady told me she was ninety-five 
   Another one looks just barely alive 
There’s one who wears a perpetual smile 
   And a man who suffers from liver bile. 
They’re a peppy group and we’re happy to be there 
   Otherwise we haven’t been invited anywhere 
Everyone adores our work and how! 
   But they’re just too busy for it right now 
The poet’s life is just not easy 
   Right now my stomach is a little queasy 
I Just might put my career on the shelf 
   Stay home and read my poems to myself. 

Writing Without Bullshit: Boost Your Career by Saying What You Mean

Writing Without BullshitJoining the ranks of classics like The Elements of Style and On Writing Well, Writing Without Bullshit helps professionals get to the point to get ahead.

It’s time for Writing Without Bullshit.

Writing Without Bullshit is the first comprehensive guide to writing for today’s world: a noisy environment where everyone reads what you write on a screen. The average news story now gets only 36 seconds of attention. Unless you change how you write, your emails, reports, and Web copy don’t stand a chance.

In this practical and witty book, you’ll learn to front-load your writing with pithy titles, subject lines, and opening sentences. You’ll acquire the courage and skill to purge weak and meaningless jargon, wimpy passive voice, and cowardly weasel words. And you’ll get used to writing directly to the reader to make every word count.

At the center of it all is the Iron Imperative: treat the reader’s time as more valuable than your own. Embrace that, and your customers, your boss, and your colleagues will recognize the power and boldness of your thinking.

Transcend the fear that makes your writing weak. Plan and execute writing projects with confidence. Manage edits and reviews flawlessly. And master every modern format from emails and social media to reports and press releases.

Stop writing to fit in. Start writing to stand out. Boost your career by writing without bullshit.

Ben and Martha Pochert - 50th Anniversary - November 5, 1958

Marth and Ben PochertMr. and Mrs. Ben Pochert of Port Hope will be honored Sunday, Nov. 2nd on their 50th wedding anniversary.

Their children and families will hold open house at 3 o'clock at the family home.

The Pocherts have been life-long residents of Port Hope and were married Nov. 5th, 1908 at the St. John Lutheran church by the Sainted Rev. E. Berner where they are members.

Five children were born to the: Arthur of Detroit, Russel of Fraser, Mich., Lawrence and Leo of Port Hope, and Earl who was killed in the 2nd World War in Belgium January 3rd, 1945.  There are seven grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Skittles Tweet Sounds Like a Quote from Julius Streicher

The Poisonous MushroomThe poisoned Skittles tweet by Donald Jr. was outrageous. That tweet even sounds like a quote from WWII, “Yes, my child! Just as a single poisonous mushroom can kill a whole family, so a solitary Jew can destroy a whole village, a whole city, even an entire Volk [nation].” Quote from Julius Streicher who was eventually hung at Nuremburg in 1946 for crimes against humanity.

John Kelly at the WXYZ Cafeteria

John KellyAlways with a friendly smile, John Kelly sneaks a bit more food from the WXYZ cafeteria.
Trapped in Shades of Grey

Trapped in Shades of GregDuring the trying days of World War II, everyone was called upon to do their patriotic duty. But what if that duty required you to live, eat, sleep, and fight alongside the enemy? Christoph Ernst, the son of German immigrants, is recruited to become a deep cover agent in the German Wermacht. He excels at his assignment as a soldier and a spy. As the war in Europe heats up, he realizes that he has made a huge error- he has made friends and become a part of the army that he is helping to destroy. When the time comes, he is uncertain if he will betray his country or his friends. When treachery is your mission, where do your loyalties lie?

The Greatest Salesman in the World

The Greatest Salesman in the WorldWhat you are today is not important... for in this  runaway bestseller you will learn how to change  your life by applying the secrets you are about to  discover in the ancient scrolls.

Mandino's main philosophical message is that every person on earth is a miracle and should choose to direct their life with confidence and congruent to the laws that govern abundance.

The Santa Train by Art Fettig [Kindle]
The Christmas Train by Art FettigOnce upon a time, there was a worn out locomotive that nobody seemed to care about. Except maybe Charlie Weller, who was an old retired railroad engineer. And maybe nobody cared about old Charlie anymore either. At least it often seemed that way to Charlie. He had little to do but sit around and remember the good old days when he would run that ancient train up and down the tracks hauling freight.

The Quality of Life (Wider Studies in Development Economics) [Paperback]

The idea of the quality of life is central to economic and social assessment and also to public policy, social legislation, and community programs. However, the commonly used indicators of economic success such as per capita income are at best crude measures of the quality of life. There is a strong need for a systematic exploration of the content, reach, and relevance of the concept of the quality of life, and ways of making it concrete and usable.

The Best Verse of Art Fettig, C.S.P and Friends

The Best Verse of Art Fettig, C.S.P. and FriendsThe entire collection of The Best Verse of Art Fettig, C.S.P. and Friends is now available as a PDF download for $2.

You can visit The Shop at Connert Media for full details.  You can pay by any major credit or through your PalPal account.

The Platinum Rule by Art Fettig [Kindle Edition $2.99]
Platinum Rull by Art Fettig

Thousands have read it.  Thousands of people have been changed by it.  It's now available again as an electronic book.

If you believe that by giving, you also receive, then this is a book that will explain how to "kick it up a notch".  The idea behind the platinum rule is really quite simple, but must be adhered to in the manner described. Try it and see what happens! 

Author's Dedication: To all of the wonderful people I've met who have already discovered the awesome power of The Platinum Rule by practicing it in their lives.  And to all those who will discover The Platinum Rule and have the courage and the heart to practice it.


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