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Spills and Spin: The Inside Story of BP [Paperback]
Arizona Laws Stigmatize LGBT People in the Classroom
Maricopa Traffic - Phoenix / Casa Grande Area
Good News
Benjamin Disraeli (Jewish Encounters) Hardcover
Valley Fever
How to Become a Veterinarian: A Complete Guide to Fulfilling Your Dream Paperback
New Radio Telescope at Kitt Peak, Arizona
Solar Prominences (Astrophysics and Space Science Library)
Android Ad Celebrating Diversity
Flu Quarantine Period
Why Go Lutheran?
Parental Advice from a Mother Who Lost an Eight Year Old Daughter
Because You Care
LCM Trek Out to Schneph Farms
AZ Daily Sun: A Matter of Rights
Arizona Lawsuit Documents - Timeline
Thank You Supporters
Arizona Judicial Review
Are You A Thrivent Member?
Droze, Rachel
First Pinal CountyCouple With Same-sex License
The Fight Will Continue
Another Case of Kindness Creating More Kindness
The New Air Conditioning Unit
Maricopa Monitor Highlights Joe and Terry Along With First Couple in Pinal County
Our news coverage, TV and Press is a Mess
AFER: Three More States Just Won Marriage Equality
Lives changed in an instant
It's Over: Couples in Lawsuit Elated
Phoenix New Times Coverage of the Celebration
Penascos Mexican Restaurant
Area couple at heart of ruling
Local Couple At Heart of Legal Fight In Arizona
Same sex marriage in Arizona; judge's decision expected soon
We Won - Press Release
Arizona Episcopal Diocese Blesses Same-sex Marriages
Same-Sex Marriage Advocates Celebrate Judge's Ruling
A Wedding with Friends - Intrinsic Imagery - JJ Johnson
The DECISION by Judge Sedwick
Robin and Renee Reece Celebrate at Gathering
HRC Blog - Marriage Equality Coming to Arizona
Art Fettig - Frank Sinatra Sweats
Defendants File Final Brief
Focus is the Theme Art Fettig Talks About to the Group of Employees in Newfoundland
Plaintiffs' Brief re Application of Latta v. Otter
The Maricopa Market
Kenly Farm
An Important Life Lesson from Losing a Son
J.A.M.E.S. Home Baked Books
Letting Go
Deadline Near For Same-sex Marriage Ruling
Maricopa Market
Firehouse Subs
Suzanne and Holly Celebrate
Judge Sedwick's Docket and Text Order
Free Legal Search Information
One Week To Respond
Pinal Energy Begins Production Again
It's Friday - Nothing Has Changed in Arizona, YET!
ABC News 15 Interviews Suzanne and Holly
Same-sex Ruling
Jeff and Peter on Tucson's KVOA-TV, Channel 4
Plaintiff's Attorney, Heather Macre, Respond to SCOTUS Decision
Riley, David - 'Dave'
You'll Never Regret doing the Right Thing
9th Circuit Rules in Favor of Marriage in Nevada and Idaho
Suzanne Cummins and Holly Mitchell Respond to Recent 9th Circuit Ruling
Hitch Hiking On Ideas
Peter Bramley and Jeffrey Ferst Respond to SCOTUS Decision
The Case for Same Sex Marriage
Tools for Monitoring the Internet
The Memory Palace Technique
Setting Aside time for Uninterrupted Reading is a great way to Unplug
Is This Going To Kill Facebook?
Where did you go to school?
If I Have Gay Children
Like A Girl
Usefull Reviewed WordPress Plugins
AirNow - Air Quality Conditions for the City of Maricopa
Greed Causes People to Turn against You
Can Spring Be Far Behind?
Small Meeting Conference Software and Hardware
Wedding Interrupted by Hateful Rant
Stupid Statements: Rep. Larry Bucshon (R-IN) Climate Change Denial
Idaho Resident Denied Veterans Benefits
Life Advice from Julia Child
The Self Esteem Credo
Channel 12 Coverage of Today's Decision
US 9th Circuit Rules Arizona MUST Recognize Marriage of Same-Sex Couple
Marriage Equality Events Throughout Arizona
Old Smart Phones Can Make You Money!
Four Ways to Reduce the Intensity of Worrying
Gay Couples Can't Have Biologically Create Children Therefore...
On Carryin' A Cane
Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals: Court Hears Arguments Over Gay Marriage's Impact
Laughter is a Powerful Medicine for many of Life's Ailments
September Song
Republican Attack Ad Against Fred Duval Not Telling The Whole Truth
Ballotpedia - Fred DuVal
Don't Believe The Lies! Jan Brewer Is Making Stuff Up
Fred DuVal Arizona Democratic Governor Nomination Acceptance Speech
Don't Believe the Lies, Believe the Facts! More Visit Doctors
City of Maricopa Real Estate
Arizona Republicans Start Slinging Mud - But Don't Tell All The Facts
Don't Believe the Lies, Believe the Facts! Poverty Uninsured Rate Fell
Ill Gay Veteran Pleads With Judge to Recognize His Marriage
Don't Believe the Lies, Believe the Facts! Young Adults Insured
A Life Lesson from a Young Starling
Don't Believe the Lies, Believe the Facts! Adults Insured
Where do candidates for governor stand on gay marriage?
The Testing Effect
This Will Brighten Your Day
Please Vote Our Recommended Candidates
Helping and Getting Help
Vote NO on 122 - Don't Send Arizona Back into the Dark Ages
San Diego LCM Labor Day Weekend Retreat
George Takei - Activist
A Hollywood Star who knew how to be a Star
Coughin' Like Doc Holiday Did
Albright College
Seventeen Ultimate Guide to College: Everything You Need to Know to Walk Onto Campus and Own It!
Thomas Beatie Allowed to Pursue Divorce
Arizona Couple Asks Federal Judge to Recognize Their Marriage Before One Dies
Former Arizona Attorney Generals Grant Woods and Terry Goddard Support Gay Marriage
Wilkerson, Carrie
The Barefoot Executive: The Ultimate Guide for Being Your Own Boss and Achieving Financial Freedom
Griffin, Kris
Dormany, J. Marty
WUSF Studios
Books about Broadcasting
The Old Block House
Will Maricopa Finally See A New Amtrak Station?
Some People are so Poor all They have is Money
Service Desk Manager's Crash Course
Gerbyshak, Phil
Price, Michele
Whitlock, Warren
Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way We Do Business & Market Online
A Little Boy's Salute
Gay Couple Unable to Adopt in Arizona
You Don't have to Wait for an Apology to Forgive Someone
The Longest Day: The Classic Epic of D-Day
So Blessed
Research Judicial Decisions and Cases
Whether to Wed - A Legal and Tax Guide for Gay and Lesbian Couples
AZ ruling on gay marriage ban expected soon
News Clips from and for our Clients

Spills and Spin: The Inside Story of BP [Paperback]

Spills and SpinA gripping and eye-opening account of a corporation in crisis, setting the spill in its broader context within the history of BP and big oil.

In April 2010, the world watched in alarm as BP’s Macondo well suffered a fatal explosion and a catastrophic leak. Over the next three months, amid tense scenes of corporate and political finger-pointing, millions of barrels of crude oil dispersed across the Gulf of Mexico in what became one of the worst oil spills in history. But there is more to BP’s story than this. Tom Bergin, an oil broker-turned-Reuters reporter, takes readers back nearly 30 years to explain how a company that was almost destroyed by privatization and the oil-price crash of the late 1980s was able to transform itself into the industry’s most dynamic player, and most sophisticated PR machine, by the turn of the 21st century. His unique access to key figures within BP, including former CEO Tony Hayward, has enabled him to piece together the story of a corporation in crisis, and he examines how crucial decisions made during this remarkable turnaround period paved the way for BP’s darkest hour.

Arizona Laws Stigmatize LGBT People in the Classroom
Arizona FlagAs of October 2014, there are only eight states * in the United States that will have stigmatizing and discriminatory laws on the books against LGBT people.

Maricopa Traffic - Phoenix / Casa Grande Area
Highway 347 AccidentCurrent traffic conditions around the City of Maricopa.

Good News

DGALocal news directors are ready whenever the big story breaks. But they've learned to expect the unexpected.

Benjamin Disraeli (Jewish Encounters) Hardcover

Benjamin DisraeliA dandy, a best-selling novelist, and a man of political and sexual intrigue, Benjamin Disraeli was one of the most captivating figures of the nineteenth century. His flirtation with proto-Zionism, his ideas about power and empire, and his fantasies about the Middle East remain prophetically relevant today. How a man who was born a Jew--and who remained in the eyes of his countrymen a member of a despised minority--managed to become prime minister of England seems even today nothing short of miraculous.

Valley Fever
Valley FeverResidents of Arizona, especially those near major farming areas like the City of Maricopa, can become susceptible to Valley Fever.  The fungus can be spread through the dispersion of dust from top soil.

How to Become a Veterinarian: A Complete Guide to Fulfilling Your Dream Paperback

How To Become A VeterinarianDo you dream of becoming a Veterinarian? Want to make that dream a reality? Based on his experience of graduating in the recent past and from working in the veterinary industry, Dr. Patterson provides insight and clarity to what can be a difficult and complicated journey. Ideal for children ages 10+, "How to Become a Veterinarian" is a must have how-to guide for the aspiring veterinarian. Each section of this book outlines steps to methodically progress towards the ultimate goal of becoming a veterinarian. By breaking down the path into multiple smaller stages and focusing on specific goals during each stage, you too can realize your dream of becoming a veterinarian.

New Radio Telescope at Kitt Peak, Arizona

Kitt PeakNewly installed, 40-foot dish achieves "first light" detecting cold gas clouds in the Milky Way. Whirring back and forth on a turning turret, the white, 40-foot dish evokes the aura of movies such as "Golden Eye" or "Contact," but the University of Arizona team of scientists and engineers that commissioned it earlier this month isn't planning to listen for signals from extraterrestrials or hijack satellites.

Solar Prominences (Astrophysics and Space Science Library)

Solar ProminencesThis volume presents the latest research results on solar prominences, including new developments on e.g. chirality, fine structure, magnetism, diagnostic tools and relevant solar plasma physics. 

In 1875 solar prominences, as seen out of the solar limb, were described by P.A. Secchi in his book Le Soleil as "gigantic pink or peach-flower coloured flames". The development of spectroscopy, coronagraphy and polarimetry brought tremendous observational advances in the twentieth century. The authors present and discuss exciting new challenges (resulting from observations made by space and ground-based telescopes in the 1990s and the first decade of the 21st century) concerning the diagnostics of prominences, their formation, their life time and their eruption along with their impact in the heliosphere (including the Earth).

Android Ad Celebrating Diversity
DiversitySome viewers of this commercial are upset because it celebrates diversity.  Ugh?

Flu Quarantine Period

Why isn’t Gov. Christy from for New Jersey asking for a Quarantine Period of 36 hours for everyone who has come in contact with anybody who has the flu?  Thousands of people die from the flu, 1 person has died from Ebola within the United States.  Shouldn’t we be shutting down every airport, school and office building?

Why Go Lutheran?
Martin Luther

Are you, or someone you love, searching for a college or university to attend?  If so, check out the new video "Why Go Lutheran?" and its Website  The 3-minute video is not your typical recruiting film.  It's a clever animation that lays out all of the reasons why a student should "go Lutheran."

Parental Advice from a Mother Who Lost an Eight Year Old Daughter
The Lansing State Journal recently contained an article written by David Harns which commemorated the six month anniversary of the passing of Lacey Holsworth. She was the eight year old girl with terminal cancer who captured the hearts of basketball fans everywhere because of her smile, positive attitude and a very special relationship with Michigan State University men’s basketball star Adriean Payne. In the article, Lacey’s mother Heather provided the following advice for fellow parents: "Get off your phones. I don't know how many times I've seen little kids doing something so cute, or sweet or funny and their parents are sitting there with their nose in their phone. Put your phones down and enjoy life for what it is at that moment. It might not be that way in 10 seconds. It might not be that way tomorrow. It might not be that way a year from now. You're never going to get that time back." 

Because You Care
Art FettigIf you have ever felt fear when you stood up to give a speech then I have good news for you. The news is that you are in good company. I've discovered after associating with speakers of all kinds for over fifty years, that if they ever get to the point when they do not feel some anxiety or nervousness then it is a good indicator that they should sit down and shut up.  Often lack of nervousness and anxiety is a good indication that the speaker just no longer cares about the audience they will be facing or the topic involved.  Or it might mean they are totally stoned.  "What audience?" they might ask. I have found though that the better prepared I am  the less stress I encounter.  When I used to talk about stress I would say that without stress buildings would collapse. That stress is a good indicator that we are alive and doing something worth caring about. So the next time you feel that you just might drop dead with fear and excess stress just smile and say to yourself, "I am in great company.  I still care."

LCM Trek Out to Schneph Farms
PumpkinsThere's never a dull moment at Lutheran Campus Ministry.  The crisp fall air brings out the "orange".  Thousands of pumpkins, treks throught he corn maze.  It looks like everyone had a great time.

AZ Daily Sun: A Matter of Rights

MarriageThere were soft smiles on Meagan and Natalie Metz’s faces as they sat next to each other outside the Coconino County Courthouse the morning after a U.S. District Court judge struck down Arizona’s ban on same-sex marriage. Meagan could hardly take her eyes off Natalie as the two of them reflected on the ruling.

“I can’t help it,” Meagan said with a laugh. “She always gets my attention.”

The couple met in Flagstaff about eight years ago and became friends while they were both dating other women. After both women’s relationships ended, their friendship quickly turned into something more.

Arizona Lawsuit Documents - Timeline

Click the title to view summary of all documents currently filed or received from the court.

Thank You Supporters

Thank You LetterThe following letter has been sent out to all those that have given financial support to our case this past year.  Your generosity has been apprecaited.  Download a PDF copy of the Letter.

Arizona Judicial Review

Some websites which may help voters choose their future judges:

Are You A Thrivent Member?

ThriventEach Thrivent members has the ability to organization and help TWO projects each year called Action Teams.  These Action Teams are involved in almost any type of community building project.  Each project is eligible for $250 seed money.

The community, University Lutheran Church and Campus Ministry can all benefits from these teams.

One such project will be helping to create a border aroiund the new ULC Community Garden on the northeast corner of our property.  Other projects might be Work Days at the Church and purchasing supplies, cleaning up tree branches, changing smoke detectors in member's home, etc.  A great list of ideas can be found on a PDF download file called 101 Ways To Spark Action In Your Community.

On Becoming a GuruOn Becoming A Guru $.99 ( Kindle) - If you've ever wondered about how management and self-help gurus and high powered motivational speakers became rich and famous, then this is the book for you. At this playful book's center is the story of Tom Paxton, a self-described guru groupie, who decides he wants to become a guru -- he wants to travel around the world flying first class, staying in five-star hotels and have enraptured audiences hang on his every word. By flattering a famous guru, Tom manages to get an invitation to attend a secret guru academy called the Guru Institute where many gurus get their training. This is where the fun begins.  SHOP CONNERT MEDIA

Beyond Duh! by Art FettigBeyond Duh by Art Fettig $10 (PDF Download) - A book for everyone who ever had a great idea! - Motivational Humorist, Author, Speaker, Song Writer, Bongo Drummer, Art Fettig has been using his creativity and humor to improve management and worker performance  for major corporations and associations throughout North America for over half a century. SHOP CONNERT MEDIA

The Dog Food Book

The Dog Food Book $10 (PDF Download) - Now in its 5th Edition, The Dog Food Book contains 73 of the best articles on dog food and nutrition from the pages of Good Dog! magazine. All have been re-edited and updated to include the latest scientific knowledge. Plus you'll get more than 65 updated dog food test reports! Whether you're buying dog food or selling it, you need this 177-page book! SHOP CONNERT MEDIA

Platinum Rull by Art FettigThe Platinum Rule by Art Fettig $2.99 (Amazon Kindle) - If you believe that by giving, you also receive, then this is a book that will explain how to "kick it up a notch".  The idea behind the platinum rule is really quite simple, but must be adhered to in the manner described. Try it and see what happens! Now available for Kindle.  SHOP CONNERT MEDIA

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