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Don't Believe the Lies, Believe the Facts! More Visit Doctors
City of Maricopa Real Estate
Don't Believe the Lies, Believe the Facts! Poverty Uninsured Rate Fell
Don't Believe the Lies, Believe the Facts! Young Adults Insured
A Life Lesson from a Young Starling
Don't Believe the Lies, Believe the Facts! Adults Insured
Where do candidates for governor stand on gay marriage?
The Testing Effect
This Will Brighten Your Day
Please Vote Our Recommended Candidates
Helping and Getting Help
Vote NO on 122 - Don't Send Arizona Back into the Dark Ages
San Diego LCM Labor Day Weekend Retreat
George Takei - Activist
A Hollywood Star who knew how to be a Star
Coughin' Like Doc Holiday Did
Albright College
Seventeen Ultimate Guide to College: Everything You Need to Know to Walk Onto Campus and Own It!
Thomas Beatie Allowed to Pursue Divorce
Arizona Couple Asks Federal Judge to Recognize Their Marriage Before One Dies
Former Arizona Attorney Generals Grant Woods and Terry Goddard Support Gay Marriage
Wilkerson, Carrie
The Barefoot Executive: The Ultimate Guide for Being Your Own Boss and Achieving Financial Freedom
Griffin, Kris
Dormany, J. Marty
WUSF Studios
Books about Broadcasting
The Old Block House
Will Maricopa Finally See A New Amtrak Station?
Some People are so Poor all They have is Money
Service Desk Manager's Crash Course
Gerbyshak, Phil
Price, Michele
Whitlock, Warren
Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way We Do Business & Market Online
A Little Boy's Salute
Gay Couple Unable to Adopt in Arizona
You Don't have to Wait for an Apology to Forgive Someone
The Longest Day: The Classic Epic of D-Day
So Blessed
Research Judicial Decisions and Cases
Whether to Wed - A Legal and Tax Guide for Gay and Lesbian Couples
AZ ruling on gay marriage ban expected soon
What if: Court allows same-sex marriage in Arizona?
Weir, Bill
The CNN Effect: The Myth of News Media, Foreign Policy and Intervention
Rodriquez, Sabrina
The First Air Force One
City of Maricopa Revised Flood Map 2014
Mark Zahnow, Mike Rivard, Dave Riley and Rich Nevins Retire
A Blast from the Past - Church Directory from 1964
Robina Asti's Story
Michele Bachman: Did She Really Say That?
Bathroom Sink Drain Stopper Clogged
Successful People Fail far more often than Unsuccessful People
Computer Snafus
State Lawyers Ignore Public Support for Marriage: July 28 MNW
When They Stopped Waiting - Article in The Arizona Republic
Arizona Now Waits!
You Can Change Our Do Nothing Congress
We Wait! Connolly vs. Roche now in the Judge's hands
Arizona points to procreation to defend gay marriage ban
Marriage Is Only For Those Who Can Procreate?
A Brief Primer on WebM
Arizona cites reproductive ability to support gay marriage ban
Rewrite History - How the Russians Do It
Graham McGregor: Make your business 'super referable'
Two Republican Judges Set Path for Millions of Americans to Lose Federal Health Insurance Subsides
Never Accept Disparaging Remarks about Someone as Facts
The United States’ Problem: Europe and Germany place economy above ethics and morality
It's Time For A Change
Gallery of Memories
Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict
News for Florida and Oklahoma
Why Don't Walmart Ice Cream Sandwiches Melt?
Sara Firth, Former Russia Today Reporter Quits After MH17 Coverage
Adding Comments to a Website
Apology from the Finish Lutherans
Fish, Jeffrey I.
We Are Ready Right Here in Arizona, Sears!
Meagan and Natalie - Wake Up Arizona! Don't Put Stress in More lives!
Consulting Firms for the City of Maricopa
Jo Holt for Arizona State Senate - Legislative District 11
Matt Salmon, Republican from Arizona, Still Against Gay Marriage Despite Son Being Gay
EQ AZ - Redesigned Website
Kalman, Dave
Carlson, Jonathan
Shame on Arizona! Another Republican Blunders
Paul Babeu: Did He Really Say That?
A Family Thing
Lessons that Four Successful People wish they had Learned Earlier in Life
Same-sex couples could soon get leave time in Arizona
Holly Lyon - Arizona Legislative District 11
The Positive Effects of ObamaCare - Unpaid Hospital Bills Drop
Flyer Dropped into Gaza by Israel on July 13, 2014
Jordan, Tom
Stonewall Democrats of Arizona
The Optimistic Statistics of the Affordable Care Act - ACA or Obamacare
Just a Tiny Bit of Compassion Goes a Long Way
Public Trial Not Expected in Arizona
The Hobby Lobby Decision Fallout Now Limits Women's Rights at Other Companies
Mississippi Republican Governor Phil Bryant Signed Bill That Allows Businesses To Discriminate
Why It's Important for Marriage Equality in Arizona
Same-sex Marriage Lawsuit & Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice
Henderson, Stephen
Why the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision Should Cause You Grave Concern
What to Say to People when You're not Sure what to Say
FMLA Available for Arizona Same-Sex Couples
So many Funerals
Judge Richard Koph Speaks His Mind
Speaker John Boehner Do Your Job
Marriage Opportunity Council
Man Shoots at News Crew
George Takei - A Proud Gay American
Keep Bananas Lasting Longer
Tucson, Arizona - Art and Music
Tanque Verde Ranch In Tucson Arizona
Tucson Travel Guide with Jon Olson
El Guero Canelo Hot Dogs And Estrella Bakery in Tucson
Joe Terry
Graham, Chad
Hensley, JJ
The Lutheran Church Welcomes all LGBTQ Folks
Marriage Update - The State of Marriage - An Interview with Lawyer Shawn Aiken
Simplot and Sinema Working to Help Legalize Gay Marriage
The Most Effective way to boost Your Happiness
The Hobby Lobby Decision May Well Affect LGBTQ Rights in the Workplace
Alliance Defending Freedom Works to Restrict Religious Liberties
Twitter Tools
An Awesome Experience
Milestones to report this week in Utah and Indiana
Echo Magazine - Flagstaff Event
Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters by Barack Obama
Is Gay Couple Going to be Forced to Leave Arizona
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Why Marriage Matters Is Collecting Signature on Petition
Now You Know Why NEVER To Vote Republican
President Obama - The White House Summit on Working Families
KTAR Interview with Shawn Aiken
The World's Oldest Rodeo
Senita Subdivision Fire - City of Maricopa
Out of Africa Wildlife Park
Verde Canyon Railroad
Art Fettig talks about The Old Mill Stream
Kindness is always worth the Effort
Phoenix Women's Chorus
Art Fettig shares a story about John Ralson
News Clips from and for our Clients

Don't Believe the Lies, Believe the Facts! More Visit Doctors

It's important to believe the facts, not the lies certain politicans shout out hoping they will gain votes.  We need honest politicans that base their political decisions on facts.

60% of people with new coverage visited a doctor or other provider, went to a hospital, or paid for a prescription.  6 of 10 would not have been able to access or afford this care previously.

City of Maricopa Real Estate

Real estate in the City of Maricopa is always hot.  With many Realtors in the City, it's easy to connect and find the home that fits your needs.

Don't Believe the Lies, Believe the Facts! Poverty Uninsured Rate Fell

It's important to believe the facts, not the lies certain politicans shout out hoping they will gain votes.  We need honest politicans that base their political decisions on facts.

In states that expanded Medicaid, the uninsured rate for people in poverty fell sharply from 28% to 17%.  But there was NO significant change in nonexpanding states.

Don't Believe the Lies, Believe the Facts! Young Adults Insured

It's important to believe the facts, not the lies certain politicans shout out hoping they will gain votes.  We need honest politicans that base their political decisions on facts.

In all age groups, the number of uninsured young adults dropped the most.

A Life Lesson from a Young Starling

Happy BirdThe other day, I looked out my office window and saw a half-grown starling perched on the branch of an olive tree. It seemed as if he hadn’t been flying very long and appeared to be excited about his new-found freedom. He hopped from place to place on the branch, each time stopping and moving his head from side to side taking in the sights as if he were seeing them for the very first time. His mouth was open as if he were smiling and marveling at all the beautiful things he saw. He seemed to be a truly happy being. The lesson for us is that we live in same world as that young starling. And, just like that starling, wonderful and beautiful things pass by our eyes on a continual basis, but because we’re so often focused on other things, we fail to take them in. So, if you want to add some joy to your life, start acting like that young bird. Every now and then stop where you are, take a deep breath and look from side to side for the sole purpose of taking in the beauty that’s in front of you. It will be fun to see what you discover.

Don't Believe the Lies, Believe the Facts! Adults Insured

It's important to believe the facts, not the lies certain politicans shout out hoping they will gain votes.  We need honest politicans that base their political decisions on facts.

9.5 Million fewer adults were uninserued.  The adult uninsured rate fell from 20% to 15%.

Where do candidates for governor stand on gay marriage?

Andrea Hiland of the Arizona Republic asked the candidates for governor where they stand on the issue of same-sex marriage .

Voters who support same-sex marriage really should read this article carefully.

The Testing Effect

Retaining and keeping information.  The steps to improve memory and your ability to improve test results.

This Will Brighten Your Day

A few years ago, Ellen called one of her favorite people on the phone.  Although this was from several years ago, we just know it will brighten your day today.  Enjoy!

Please Vote Our Recommended Candidates

The list of candidates that the Stonewall Democrats of Arizona enthusiastically endorse.

Helping and Getting Help
Helping HandSome folks give us a helping hand along the way, others give us a giant push upward and sometimes we get to stand on the shoulders of giants. It might be as simple as a kind word when you need one or a pat on a shoulder that lets us know we are following the right path. I have never met a truly self-made man. I have met several who took all the credit though. For these past few weeks I have been examining the work I have done in these past years and I am truly amazed at what I have discovered.  That is, that there were an awful lot of unselfish, kind hearted, generous, loving people who have helped me in some way with almost every important step I have taken in my career. Another thing I am learning too is that in many instances I have been able to have a strong impact on the lives of those who have helped me. I don't recall ever setting out to pay back or get even or show appreciation though. Life just turned out that way. What is that expression..."What goes around comes around." Yes, well is sure does. My research has made me feel pretty good about the way people have treated me and how I have treated them, although there are some that I could never really repay. Anyway, I would like to thank all of you who have helped me along the way. And I will keep on trying to help others too on their journey. 

Vote NO on 122 - Don't Send Arizona Back into the Dark Ages

Don't be fooled by some legislators that tell you this is beneficial for Arizona.

San Diego LCM Labor Day Weekend Retreat

SunsetLabor Day Weekend, August 29-Sept 1, leave 5pm Friday, return by 3:30pm Monday, cost to be determined, discount for freshmen and new students. 

Open to all interested in exploring possibility of becoming a part of LCM community at ASU.  

A great introduction to the LCM community. Sunset worship on cliffs of La Jolla, beach cookout, discussion, Bible Study, Theme: "Touting Thomas: What Thomas' Questioning can Teach Us".  

Contact for more information. 

George Takei - Activist

George Takei

We were fortunate to meet George Takei and his partner Brad Altman at the HRC dinner this past March in Phoenix. A handshake, a hug and a word of encouragement from George and Brad helped make our same sex marriage fight here in Arizona, just a bit easier.  But our struggle pales in comparison to the personal story of Mr. Takei during World War II. Take sixteen minutes of your time to learn about his struggle and how he now fights for equal rights throughout this great land we call home, a land we call America.

As a child, George Takei, his siblings and parents, all United States citizens, were forced into an internment camp for Japanese-Americans, as a "security" measure during World War II. Seventy years later, Takei looks back at how the experience shaped his surprising, personal definition of patriotism and democracy.

A Hollywood Star who knew how to be a Star
James GarnerJames Garner passed away a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed his televisions shows like Maverick and The Rockford Files because he came across as a guy who was easy to be around. I did some checking and it turns out he actually was. Mr. Garner was an atypical Hollywood star. The word most commonly used to describe him was “affable” which means he was pleasantly easy to approach and talk to, friendly, cordial and warmly polite. Tom Selleck was quoted in saying that, “…every actor should take “star lessons” from James Garner.” Mr. Garner also got married once and stayed that way. He was just a few days short of his 58th wedding anniversary when he died. Such is the legacy of a man who was comfortable in his own skin and saw no need to put on airs. 

Coughin' Like Doc Holiday Did
I had a root canal done last week and something like that starts a guy to thinking. As I sat in the dentist chair it sort of reminded me of the time I had this really bad cough and it wouldn't go away.  Finally, in desperation I went to a doctor's office and sat in a big room with a load of suffering people waiting to see the doctor. We all had an appointment for 9 A.M.  By the time I got home from that doctor's office I had written a song titled I'm Coughin' Like Doc Holiday Did Just Before He Died." One of the lines goes, "The things a fella thinks about when he doesn't know what's wrong could fill a book and still have plenty left to write a song." So as I sat in that dentist's chair I was thinking about a lot of things and one of them was about a sister-in-law who died recently from soft tissue cancer. They discovered she had cancer when she had a tooth pulled and the gum did not heal. The instance that popped into my mind I popped it right out again and would not let it hang around. I instantly went back to the thought of that Doc Holiday song of mine and the fact that the doctor had me well in a week and I lived happily ever after.  No pain at the dentist's office at all and I feel like a new man.  Oh...the things a fella thinks of when he doesn't know what's wrong...I guess we have all done a lot of that in our business and personal lives...

Albright College

Albright CollegeAlbright College, affiliated with the United Methodist Church, is now offering several degree programs here in the City of Maricopa.  Some classes will be held at Central Arizona College (CAC) and other locations throughout the city.

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to College: Everything You Need to Know to Walk Onto Campus and Own It!

Guide to CollegeAfter the excitement of prom and high-school graduation festivities, young women begin to focus on the next big milestone; starting college. Filled with tips and stories from real students, Seventeen Ultimate Guide to College reveals everything a girl needs to know to feel confident on campus and make the next years her best yet. It contains insider secrets she won’t learn from her high school guidance counselor or a college information packet.

Thomas Beatie Allowed to Pursue Divorce
A trans man seeking a divorce from his wife in Arizona has been allowed to continue divorce proceedings after a panel of judges overturned a previous ruling claiming the marriage wasn't recognised.

Arizona Couple Asks Federal Judge to Recognize Their Marriage Before One Dies

JusticeA gay couple from southern Arizona wants a federal judge to immediately order the state to recognize their marriage because one of the men is terminally ill.

Lawyers for George Martinez and Fred McQuire of Green Valley say the order is needed so McQuire can be recognized as Martinez's survivor when he dies. That will allow him to take care of his affairs and collect larger Veterans Affairs and other benefits.

On Becoming a GuruOn Becoming A Guru $.99 ( Kindle) - If you've ever wondered about how management and self-help gurus and high powered motivational speakers became rich and famous, then this is the book for you. At this playful book's center is the story of Tom Paxton, a self-described guru groupie, who decides he wants to become a guru -- he wants to travel around the world flying first class, staying in five-star hotels and have enraptured audiences hang on his every word. By flattering a famous guru, Tom manages to get an invitation to attend a secret guru academy called the Guru Institute where many gurus get their training. This is where the fun begins.  SHOP CONNERT MEDIA

Beyond Duh! by Art FettigBeyond Duh by Art Fettig $10 (PDF Download) - A book for everyone who ever had a great idea! - Motivational Humorist, Author, Speaker, Song Writer, Bongo Drummer, Art Fettig has been using his creativity and humor to improve management and worker performance  for major corporations and associations throughout North America for over half a century. SHOP CONNERT MEDIA

The Dog Food Book

The Dog Food Book $10 (PDF Download) - Now in its 5th Edition, The Dog Food Book contains 73 of the best articles on dog food and nutrition from the pages of Good Dog! magazine. All have been re-edited and updated to include the latest scientific knowledge. Plus you'll get more than 65 updated dog food test reports! Whether you're buying dog food or selling it, you need this 177-page book! SHOP CONNERT MEDIA

Platinum Rull by Art FettigThe Platinum Rule by Art Fettig $2.99 (Amazon Kindle) - If you believe that by giving, you also receive, then this is a book that will explain how to "kick it up a notch".  The idea behind the platinum rule is really quite simple, but must be adhered to in the manner described. Try it and see what happens! Now available for Kindle.  SHOP CONNERT MEDIA

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