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Michele Bachman: Did She Really Say That?

Yes, she really said This.

Bathroom Sink Drain Stopper Clogged

When your bathroom sink does not drain well, quite often it's because your pop-up stopper is plugged with debris. This video will show you how to remove and clean the stopper.

Computer Snafus

ComputerI was having a little problem with my computer figuring out how I could attach a book file to an e-mail and feeling dumb that the answer didn't just pop into this head of mine when I looked online at some of the news.  The different government agencies in Washington seem to be having problems with their computers too. The V. A. records seem to be in chaos. The IRS claims problems with computers holding vital information have been crashing. The State Department’s global database for issuing travel documents is experiencing problems, resulting in major delays for potentially millions of people around the world waiting for U.S. passports and visas, officials said Wednesday.  The folks running Social Security Disability programshave spent many millions of dollars and apparently are now admitting that it hasn't accomplished much if anything and I don't want to talk about computers and Obamacare. I wouldn't know where to start.

So, all in all I figure I am in pretty good shape.  I can recall when computers were first introduced at the railroad where I was employed. At first, none of the department heads wanted to have anything to do with them. About a decade later they had found some acceptance but nobody trusted them. The problem was they had a tendency to crash when you needed the information they contained. Decades later they have become reasonably dependable.

Now here we are well into the 21st Century and billions of dollars later and Washington still hasn't figured out how to handle information and hang onto it competently.  Sure makes my little problems seem insignificant.

When They Stopped Waiting - Article in The Arizona Republic
Terry Pochert and Joe Connolly

Shaun McKinnon and his print/video colleague, Patrick Shannahan, from the The Arizona Republic and tell the story of why we are fighting the ban on same sex marriage her in AZ and how it came together. The lawsuit is Connolly v Roche.

Arizona Now Waits!

The local newspapers now are reporting on the anticipation of its citizens as the marriage equality lawsuit now sets with the courts.

You Can Change Our Do Nothing Congress

Vote HereYou can take back our government and make it work again!

Vote - You have heard this over and over again.  It sounds so simply, but it's true.  Most complainers never vote or they vote without first educating themselves about their candidates.

  • Absentee Ballots – Always register for absentee ballots.  This allows you the time to research and learn about the candidates and proposals.  It’s amazing how many people see the slate of candidates and proposals for the first time when they are standing in line to vote.  DON’T STAND IN LINE TO VOTE.
    Find Information About Your Specific State
  • If you don’t know, never vote for an incumbent.  Sounds simple, but the facts show that incumbents always have an advantage.  
  • Don’t vote along party lines.  Know your issues and support those who will most like support your ideas.

Campaign – Work and support those who you want to see in office.

Local Politics First – Involve yourself first on the local campaigns and elections.

Leave Negative Politics in the Trash – Although bad mouthing those who differ from your point of view sometimes work, it does not to actually change attitudes and legislation.

Listen – If you do nothing at all, listen! If you “really” listen, you will easily discover who the closed minded people are, those that are all talk and no action, those who are shallow, and those who have negative and personal agendas.

Issues – Don’t try to become an expert on all issues.  Research, read, question and work hard trying to find out as much information as you can about very specific issues that are near and true to your heart.

We Wait! Connolly vs. Roche now in the Judge's hands

John W. SedwickAlia Beard Rau, reporter from the Arizona Republic, writes about the status of the two lawsuits filed again the State of Arizona regarding marriage equality in Arizona.  Although the article features photos from the second case, all the papers for the first case were filed with the court on July 21, 2014.  Our case now waits the decision from the judge.

LCM Labor Day Weekend Retreat

SunsetLabor Day Weekend, August 29-Sept 1, leave 5pm Friday, return by 3:30pm Monday, cost to be determined, discount for freshmen and new students. 

Open to all interested in exploring possibility of becoming a part of LCM community at ASU.  

A great introduction to the LCM community. Sunset worship on cliffs of La Jolla, beach cookout, discussion, Bible Study, Theme: "Touting Thomas: What Thomas' Questioning can Teach Us".  

Contact for more information. 

A Brief Primer on WebM

Help me understand what WEBM is?

Rewrite History - How the Russians Do It
The amazing stories and consipracy theories.

Headlines from and for our Clients
Michele Bachman: Did She Really Say That?
Bathroom Sink Drain Stopper Clogged
Computer Snafus
When They Stopped Waiting - Article in The Arizona Republic
Arizona Now Waits!
You Can Change Our Do Nothing Congress
We Wait! Connolly vs. Roche now in the Judge's hands
LCM Labor Day Weekend Retreat
A Brief Primer on WebM
Rewrite History - How the Russians Do It
Graham McGregor: Make your business 'super referable'
Two Republican Judges Set Path for Millions of Americans to Lose Federal Health Insurance Subsides
Never Accept Disparaging Remarks about Someone as Facts
The United States’ Problem: Europe and Germany place economy above ethics and morality
It's Time For A Change
Gallery of Memories
Center for the Study of Religion and Conflict
News for Florida and Oklahoma
Why Don't Walmart Ice Cream Sandwiches Melt?
Sara Firth, Former Russia Today Reporter Quits After MH17 Coverage
Adding Comments to a Website
Apology from the Finish Lutherans
Fish, Jeffrey I.
We Are Ready Right Here in Arizona, Sears!
Meagan and Natalie - Wake Up Arizona! Don't Put Stress in More lives!
Consulting Firms for the City of Maricopa
Jo Holt for Arizona State Senate - Legislative District 11
Matt Salmon, Republican from Arizona, Still Against Gay Marriage Despite Son Being Gay
EQ AZ - Redesigned Website
Kalman, Dave
Carlson, Jonathan
Shame on Arizona! Another Republican Blunders
A Family Thing
Lessons that Four Successful People wish they had Learned Earlier in Life
Same-sex couples could soon get leave time in Arizona
Holly Lyon - Arizona Legislative District 11
The Positive Effects of ObamaCare - Unpaid Hospital Bills Drop
Flyer Dropped into Gaza by Israel on July 13, 2014
Jordan, Tom
Stonewall Democrats of Arizona
The Optimistic Statistics of the Affordable Care Act - ACA or Obamacare
Just a Tiny Bit of Compassion Goes a Long Way
Public Trial Not Expected in Arizona
The Hobby Lobby Decision Fallout Now Limits Women's Rights at Other Companies
Mississippi Republican Governor Phil Bryant Signed Bill That Allows Businesses To Discriminate
Why It's Important for Marriage Equality in Arizona
Same-sex Marriage Lawsuit & Arizona Supreme Court Chief Justice
Henderson, Stephen
Why the Hobby Lobby Supreme Court Decision Should Cause You Grave Concern
What to Say to People when You're not Sure what to Say
FMLA Available for Arizona Same-Sex Couples
So many Funerals
Judge Richard Koph Speaks His Mind
Speaker John Boehner Do Your Job
Marriage Opportunity Council
Man Shoots at News Crew
Keep Bananas Lasting Longer
Tucson, Arizona - Art and Music
Tanque Verde Ranch In Tucson Arizona
Tucson Travel Guide with Jon Olson
El Guero Canelo Hot Dogs And Estrella Bakery in Tucson
Joe Terry
Graham, Chad
Hensley, JJ
The Lutheran Church Welcomes all LGBTQ Folks
Marriage Update - The State of Marriage - An Interview with Lawyer Shawn Aiken
Simplot and Sinema Working to Help Legalize Gay Marriage
The Most Effective way to boost Your Happiness
The Hobby Lobby Decision May Well Affect LGBTQ Rights in the Workplace
Alliance Defending Freedom Works to Restrict Religious Liberties
Twitter Tools
An Awesome Experience
Milestones to report this week in Utah and Indiana
Echo Magazine - Flagstaff Event
Of Thee I Sing: A Letter to My Daughters by Barack Obama
Is Gay Couple Going to be Forced to Leave Arizona
Chipotle Mexican Grill
Why Marriage Matters Is Collecting Signature on Petition
Now You Know Why NEVER To Vote Republican
President Obama - The White House Summit on Working Families
KTAR Interview with Shawn Aiken
The World's Oldest Rodeo
Senita Subdivision Fire - City of Maricopa
Out of Africa Wildlife Park
Verde Canyon Railroad
Art Fettig talks about The Old Mill Stream
Kindness is always worth the Effort
Phoenix Women's Chorus
Art Fettig shares a story about John Ralson
Take A Look At Yourself
Advancing The Human Rights of LGBT Persons Globally
Put On A Happy Face
Ian Lee - Journalist Trial in Egypt
Put On A Happy Face - Dick Van Dyke and Janet Leigh
Our Favorite YouTube Download Software
Copyrights and Licensing of Creative Material
Thomas, Ken
Powerful Words of Wisdom from Maya Angelou
About America
Support is Changing According to Gallup Polls
Father's Day - Gay Latinos Celebrate
Estimating the Economic Boost of Marriage for Same-Sex Couples in Arizona
Same-Sex Marriage and Children
Plaza Bonita Family Mexican Restaurant
John Barton and Ashley Doering Recognized for their Achievements
Marriage Equality Conversation in Arizona
Future Regrets You Can Prevent Now
Ak-Chin Him-Dak Eco-Museum and Archive
The Normandy Landings
Ben and Martha Pochert - 1953
According to One Well-Known Actress, America is still the Land of Opportunity
I Want To Get Married In A Church
Caldwell and Ober
Anderson, Scott
Stop Spamming Email from Specific IP Address in cPanel
Pantaleo, Chris
Those That Served
AFTN Tower - Korat RTAFB, Thailand
Are Gay Parents So Different?
Phoenix Consigment Stores Expand
Kindness Makes Good Things Happen
Salad of the Day - Williams-Sonoma: 365 Recipes for Every Day of the Year - Hardcover
The Concord - Jim Herrington and Ladd Carleton - Take Two
Computer Inventory Programs
Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges - AAVMC
The Concord - Jim Herrington and Ladd Carleton
Two Steps to Fix the VA Problems
Vince Wade Recalls the Heroism of His Father
More States Gain Freedom to Marry
Marriage Equality Favor Democrats in Coming Elections
Look Out Arizona!, Gay Marriage Just Might be Inevitable in Arizona
Courage, Determination and Imagination Help 90 Year Old Beat Cancer
Alleluia Gang by Art Fettig
DeGrazia Gallery in the Sun
De Grazia: The Man and the Myths [Hardcover]
Congress! You are the Law Makers. Stop Pointing Fingers, Start Working on Solutions!
Kids React to Gay Marriage
The Power of Sharing
Bateman-Mercado, Mary
Cifuentes, Lyle
The astounding athletic power of quadcopters
Build Your Own Quadcopter: Power Up Your Designs with the Parallax Elev-8 [Paperback]
Alan Mulally Represents a Breath of Fresh Air in Detroit
A Morning At The Drop Off Center

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The Dog Food Book

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